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Epoxy concrete floor for large shed

Amassing an Audience
Amassing an Audience


Epoxy was used to transform a shed floor and help create a huge games room.  





The project


I took my three-car shed (which I used to restore cars in) and put it through a transformation to become a Man Shed that is set up for my kids as well as a projector, table tennis, TV, a PA system for karaoke nights and guitar nights. It also houses my already-built Kombi bar that doubles as a DJ Booth.


First off I had to get rid of the remaining VWs, the excess tools that were required for restoration that I won't need, strip everything out and take some loads to the tip. I moved the rest of my gear to my other sheds and then I began.




With my kids, we scraped up some stick down vinyl planks I put down years ago. I can tell you, and this is the second time I have removed this stuff, if you ever plan on taking it up then never put it down to start with. The glue is horrible. It took two litres of glue remover, acid wash and a floor grinder to remove it.



I attacked all the high points of dropped car bog and blobs of paint with a paint strip grinding disc. I was then hopeful that a good acid wash would get the rest but no such luck. It just bubbled and I didn't want to take the chance of a reaction, so I hired a concrete grinder.



Now, I didn't hire the Bunnings concrete grinder because Coates Hire is nowhere near me and that is where the pickup point is. I hired one through another company and they gave me one around the same size as the 240V Bunnings one. After four hours and barely scratching the surface, I realised that I required one double the size, weighing in at 120kg, which ripped through it in four hours. So, if you have a surface looking like mine you need the Satellite 120kg grinder, not the baby one.



I hit the floor with the paint stripping disc and that worked fine. I didn't bother acid washing again as the surface was now very porous.



I bought two 8 litre Slate Epoxy Coat Garage Floor kits from Bunnings. The instructions are easily followed and the video instructions on the Bunnings video are good. I had also watched some other YouTube vids from floor contractors and got some tips from a guy at work who used to do these floors on how not to roll, and not just work in straight lines but mix up straight, diagonal, and so on. Note this product is indoors only. It has no UV stabiliser in it.


I mixed up the first batch and was stressing the two kits would not be enough, but I was brushing on the edges in a good coverage and rolling on a good coverage. There are different colours and flake colours, and there are also grip beads you can mix in with the paint, and honestly, I bought some but forgot to mix it in, but the flake gives enough grip. If you did decide to put a clear epoxy over the top, I would look to put nonslip beads into it, otherwise, if it is in an area that gets wet, like from kids coming in and out of a pool into the room, they would be sliding all over the place.


I had my lovely wife throwing the flake and this is important to have that second hand to do that. It is also important to always cut back over your wet edges, so don't leave them too long before coming back to that section.


I used two kits' worth of flake but if you want to really coat it, I would suggest sourcing a box of 10kg plus of flake so you can really throw it on thick. This was around 1kg of flake.


I ended up only using paint from one kit. It went on well and I was careful that there were no see through sections. I could have done another coat, but the flake was already on. We did use the flake from both kits though. 


You can vacuum it, sweep it, mop it, hose it down. As for the flake, it's going nowhere and it's durable. It's a poly product.



I'm pretty happy with this kit from Bunnings, but I'm going to say it's all in the preparation. Like anything, take the time and take no short cuts. It will be worth it. Looking forward to updating you all once I start fitting out the Man Cave out next.


Getting Established

Looks good mate!


Congrats on the top 10 spot.


Im looking to do my double garage next year. Your info was super helpful




Kind of a Big Deal

Nice   job @CSParnell  Transformed that space. Light and airy not drab  concrete color I  dont much care for polished concrete.


I feel  for you having to get that glue off too.  Epoxy flooring  nice I think you flake quantity  is good some times less is more but thats a individual  choice.



Kind of a Big Deal

Absolutely brilliant @CSParnell looks fantastic mate. Love how the whole family worked together on it. 😃🪴

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