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Frog shelter using terracotta pots

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Valued Contributor

Creating a frog shelter is a fun and educational activity for the kids and a wonderful garden feature.



1 Frog Pot.jpg


The project


At Bunnings, we are installing frog ponds in schools around the local area. One of the challenges has been establishing plant life to provide shelter from predators. Getting frogs to lay is relatively easy, a saucer full of water is generally all they need, but predation of the juvenile frogs takes a massive toll. While establishing the environment around the pond, we came up with an easy and cheap portable home until more suitable plant growth occurs.


This would be a perfect project for the kids on a weekend – they could decorate the top too. Plus, if you sneak out in the daytime and lift the pot, you may find the frogs taking refuge. The Australian Museum has a free app for identifying frogs by their call. As a species that is so susceptible to environmental change, frogs are a great indicator species for the health of the environment around us.


Tools and materials


  • Two pots, one larger than the other
  • Large saucer
  • Bolt with nut and washers
  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Terrarium plants


2 What You'll Need.jpg


How to make a frog pot


Step one


Connect the two pots with the bolt and washers.


3 Join Pots With Bolt.jpg


Step two


Add Sphagnum Moss to the saucer and add terrarium plants around the exterior.


4 Fill saucer with Spagnum Moss.jpg


Step three


Add water and soak the Sphagnum moss until it greens back up – this may take several days as it is alive but dormant in the bag. 


5 Water + Add Mini Plants.jpg


The gap between the two pots allows the frogs access inside and prevents predators from getting to them.


6 Gap To Enter.jpg


Through capillary action, the inside pot draws water up from the base and keeps the top pot wet.


7 Water Getting Drawn Up.jpg


Step four


Place the frog pot in a sheltered area out of direct sunlight. Fill the saucer with water once every few days in summer so the pot and moss don't dry out.


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