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Garage makeover with D.I.Y. cabinets

Having an Impact
Having an Impact


Fresh paint and home-made cabinets gave this garage a bright new look.





The project


I thought I would share my garage renovation. It’s been tons of work but so rewarding. We bagged the brick, painted it, built cabinets from scratch and I carved custom doors I designed using my CNC machine. We’ve been doing it on weekends, and around work and kids.


I like to break down tasks to the time we have available. So, for example, we bagged the brick walls in one weekend, then let them dry for a week. 




Then we painted them on another weekend.




The floor took about two weekends, due to prep process and dry times. 





It took one day to build the cabinets, and another day to lay the workbench, backsplash, and fit the shelves, as well as doing the filler pieces. Carving the doors took one day. The painting didn’t take long but it had to be done in one-hour stints over a few days. That was because the doors needed undercoat plus two topcoats on two sides plus dry time before flipping them.




We also just built this scooter rack for the kids.




Home Improvement Guru


That has come up brilliantly! And seriously impressed with the speed you work at lol, I might do the same but add a few more weeks/monthsto the timing! I have Never tried bagging brick walls but that looks good, It certainly smooths it and makes it look modern. Was there any prep work you needed to do? (as in wet the bricks or clean them?)



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