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Garage storage makeover

Junior Contributor
Junior Contributor

With the goal of increasing storage space and providing a functional workspace, this impressive garage makeover uses Pinnacle storage products such as peg boards to mount and display various tools.





The project


Love our garage makeover! The goal was to increase storage space and most importantly create a functional space for everyone! 




The shelving is the Rack It 1000kg which we adjusted to our heights then used FJ Laminated tops as the bench.


Behind the shelving we screwed a 9mm plywood sheet off, painted it black, ran a support bar along behind it for extra strength then mounted the peg boards & overheads to the ply (Pinnacle slimline).


Worked out really well in the end.




To hang the cleaning tools on the wall, the Oates 5 Handle Storage Holder was used. I just trimmed it down with the grinder to fit our space. 






For the peg boards, we used the 900x450 Pinnacle ones. Cut them down slightly to fit in our space, screwed them off to ply board that we screwed to the racking and placed a support bar at the back of the ply also onto the racking. To complete it, we also painted the ply black. We completed the same process for the sides also. 





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Once upon a time garage storage was made from scrounged old furniture and used timber. It's hard to justify now with the price of hammer lock shelving.


That scooter stand is cute. Why so many drills?!

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @pstq,


Let me tag @lcooksey88 so she can fill us in on the answer. She's beating me by one drill, though my selection is nowhere near as impressive.


Most of the drills seen are for different purposes. That's not to say one single drill couldn't do all that work, but they do their specific jobs much more efficiently than any one drill. I suspect she might have purchased the AEG 18V 6.0Ah 4 Piece Combo Kit With FUSION And FORCE. This includes an 18V impact driver (5), 18V hammer drill (1) and 18V impact wrench (4). You might be familiar with the different jobs these tools do, but if not, head over to How to choose the right drill for the job. I don't cover the impact wrench, but that is predominantly used for nuts and bolts. There's then a standard 18v drill/driver (2) which is the workhorse of the lot, good at doing everything and similar to what you'd see with most people's kit. Then those higher-powered drills are complimented by a 12v hammer drill (3) and a 12V impact driver (6). Great for tight spaces and fiddly work.


In all, a truly enviable and complete kit to have. Some might consider these tools a luxury, and they are, but they do make life easier, more proficient and they must be a dream to use.


I'll be keen to hear from @lcooksey88 about her awesome collection.






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