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Garden bed sideway makeover

Making a Splash
Making a Splash

Silver birch trees were planted close together for this sideway makeover project because they don't grow too tall and bring a beautiful green contrast to the painted fence.





The project


The side of our house looked boring and needed some greenery. After months of working from home and looking out the window, it was time to change it up. By planting silver birch trees close together, the trees don't grow as tall as expected. We did the same technique at my parents' house and they now have a beautiful green sideway.




How to grow and care for a silver birch tree


The silver birch is a classic small tree that has been grown in gardens for decades. For planting and growing tips, see How to plant, grow and care for a silver birch tree.


More inspiration for outdoor areas


Nikkaz also shared this garden makeover with lilly pillies planted along the fence line and new turf.




Workshop member shayden06 transformed the side of this house into an attractive and functional area by building a narrow deck with space for a table to enjoy the greenery.


shayden06 2.png

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