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Poolside fence makeover

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Trusted Contributor

Shared fences can present a design challenge when the neighbours have different tastes, but fixing timber to an existing fence can create an attractive feature wall.





The project


Unsurprisingly, I'm not a fan of Colorbond fencing, and particularly not the cream colour the estate decided to go with.

Again unsurprisingly, given my love for timber, I thought "Why don't we just cover it with wood?". So off I went to my friend's timber mill (a seven hour round trip) to pick up 800kg of freshly cut Marri wood.


I framed it with treated Pine and staggered the rough sawn Marri across the lot for a rustic and 'cosy' effect.




If you're tackling a similar project, use these Buildex 14g x 50mm Zinc Alloy Bugle Batten Tek Screws to fix timber to the top and bottom rails of your Colorbond fence. The rails are thicker than the sheeting, so your screws won't penetrate the neighbour's side. An impact driver is best, or a hammer drill should do.




Clamp the timber to the Colorbond as close to your drilling point as possible because once the screw penetrates the timber and begins drilling into the steel, it'll have resistance and will push the timber off the fence. 


It took an average of four minutes to file the rough edges and oil each piece of wood and there are over 100 pieces in the project. Add to that the time it takes to frame and fix the pieces to the frame, which was particularly hard with slightly misshapen rustic wood and dealing with Perth's heat, it was a big project. But we're stoked with the end result. I painted the remainder of the fence Shale Grey, which I'm much happier with.


Before and after






How to add an extension to a Colorbond fence


While the standard install height for Colorbond fencing is 1800mm, for a small investment you can add privacy and security to your boundary fencing with D.I.Y. extensions taking the finished height to 2100mm. Pete shows you how to add an extension to a Colorbond fence in this step-by-step guide.


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Hi @ProjectPete ,


Beautiful work which has inspired me to embark on a similar project to your Marri clad fence.


Question on the framing, I can't see how you've joined the vertical and horizontal timber together in the pictures. In fact, are they even fastened together or are they separately attached to top and bottom colorbond rails?


I've been thinking hard about this as I cant quite figure out also if horizontal frame is needed. Would've thought that the vertical pieces are holding most of the weight and I simply need to space them 1m apart to avoid sagging?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Tuulaan. It's brilliant that you've joined us, and many thanks for your questions about this fantastic project.


Hopefully, @ProjectPete will be able to get back to you shortly about your questions.


We'd be keen to hear more about your project and encourage you to start a discussion so other members can assist. If it's anything like Pete's project, the transformation will be sensational.


We look forward to hearing all about your project, and please reach out if you need assistance with it. You might also like to check out our Top 10 most popular fence projects for more inspiration.


Great to have you on board.




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