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Raised vegetable garden bed

Budding Contributor
Budding Contributor

Nothing beats fresh, home-grown vegetables. This project shows you how easy it is to build your own raised garden beds so you can start growing your own produce.



Vege Garden


The project


Using H4 treated Pine sleepers from Bunnings, Workshop member Bruce built these terrific 2.4m by 4.8m garden beds that are still "going strong" after several years.


“After the frames were put in place, we purchased a couple of trailer loads of vegetable mix soil and we have supplemented that with well-broken-down compost from time to time.”


When asked about using treated pine for this build, Bruce reckons "it's not worth worrying about as far as using them to frame a vegie garden".


“I never painted or stained the frames. The only problem I've had with a couple of the sleepers is their tendency to twist and warp. Very hard to pull them back into line and the easiest way is to replace them if the twist is too severe.”


The plants are thriving and he gifts the abundance of vegetables to neighbours and friends. "The two beds are more than sufficient to provide my family with plenty of fresh vegetables."


How to build and fill a raised garden bed


Looking to grow your own vegies like Bruce? We've got step-by-step guides to building your own raised garden beds for all skill levels. Experienced member Adam Woodhams shared How to build a simple raised garden bed and, for those further along on their D.I.Y. journey, he shows you how to create your own planter-style raised garden bed with built-in seating.


Once you've built your new garden bed, horticulturist and Workshop member Noelle offers expert advice about How to fill a raised garden bed to enjoy a bountiful harvest.


Raised garden bed.jpg


Other raised garden bed projects


Bunnings Workshop member LisasGarden shared these raised garden beds built by her husband using Sienna Pine sleepers from Bunnings. The timber is food safe and built tall enough to keep rabbits and their Golden Retriever Audrey out of her harvest without the need for fencing.


raised garden beds.jpeg


Bunnings Workshop member Chaks_DIY is enjoying fresh pesto and chimichurri from home-grown basil and parsley he planted in his D.I.Y. garden bed.


herb garden.jpeg

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100% self sufficient growing your edibles @bruceprince  Gosh , look at all that beautiful space to set up raised edible garden beds !!! This is brilliant 💚💚

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