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Side yard access improved with concrete path

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Becoming a Leader

Fresh concrete with a charcoal semi-gloss sealer provided a neat and practical solution to an overgrown side pathway.





The project


The side path of the house was one of those projects we wanted to do for a long time. It was a very narrow area, overgrown with weeds, and it seemed that the builder had placed the pavers as an afterthought.




We decided to concrete the area as that was the best low-maintenance option. We got some quotes from the concreters, who did the excavation and poured in the cement.








We allowed the concrete to cure for four weeks.




It was suggested to us to seal the concrete surface with a hard-coat polymer. You can tint the sealer to a specific colour. We decided to use the Colourtone sealer system with a charcoal tint (there are more than 20 other colours if you don't like charcoal).




We chose a semi-gloss sealer.




Mixing the tint into the sealer.




Before we did the sealing, we power-washed the concrete and left it to dry for 48 hours. To apply the sealer I used a 11mm-nap paving roller attached to a painting pole. For the side areas, I used a smaller roller.


It took about 45 minutes, and the sealer dried in about 30 minutes. It's easiest to all the sides first using the smaller roller then move to the main areas. I applied the second coat 24 hours later. I didn't tape the edges and walls but took my time doing the sides to reduce any carryover. 


Make sure to wear old shoes as the sealer will get all over them. I also strongly recommend wearing safety glasses and a mask.


If you have any leftover sealer, store it away for any touch-ups. The company says it has a shelf life of two years in the right conditions.  


Before and after






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Kind of a Big Deal

Hi @Nham 


"We got some quotes from the concreters"


Any chance of providing us with those quotes - ballpark figures?

How long and wide is that path?

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Hi @Noyade ,


For us, the quote was 65-70 per square metre, plain concrete, including execution. The side path is about 32 meters by 1.2 metres wide. We went for the normal grey and then decided to stain the path, but you go for the coloured concrete as well. Good luck.

Kind of a Big Deal

Thanks @Nham 

Becoming a Leader



I didn't think about concrete up the sides of my home like you have done @Nham  it certainly came up a treat and very low maintenance, did you have a special reason for painting it?  Just curious, as won't it need re-painting in the future?  


I have been looking at what I should do down both sides of my home/workshop.  Originally I had paved part of one side only because I had pavers left over and wanted an area to be abled to walk in and out of my workshop.  


You have certainly given me something to think about.  One side of my shed I've put up a folding clothes line and trellis for climbing roses to block out that neighbour.. but it's a bit mucky, even after creating a pad out of old second hand solid bricks and only seems to grow weeds successfully..  :unhappy: 


I've been Thinking about paving the entire area and avoiding lawn in that area as I think it needs more sun.


Thank you for sharing.. 



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Hi @Old-gal24 ,


Thanks for the msg. It looks like paint, but it is concrete sealant tinted with dark charcoal. The reason we decided to seal was that when it rains, we get a lot of water down this side of the house. We are also on a lower level, and water also flows from the neighbours. The sealer is supposed to protect the concrete from water and makes it easier to clean. Aesthetically it also looks nice. Maintenance is a dream; I only had to clean the side path every six months. Yes, it will have to be resealed probably every 2 years. If you decide to use concrete, I would recommend sealing the area. Good luck with your path, and let us know how it goes. 

Just Starting Out

@Nham ,


Finally after two years of wait I have finally moved-in my new home. We need to do sidewalk, could you please share your concrete pourer contact info, I have been getting way higher than what you mentioned in one of your post.. Thanks

Becoming a Leader

Hi @yamali ,


Congrats on moving into your new home. For the concreter, we found him on FB marketplace; I just did a search using "Concrete Driveways", and the going rate is anywhere from $60 to $85 per square metre. This should also include excavation and removal of any rubbish. We went through 8-10 quotes, and the variation in pricing was huge. The person we ended up with was local, and I am not sure he can service your area. We like to support local businesses.


I would first try FB marketplace, and get some quotes. Ask for their licence, which you can check at Make sure you get everything down in writing and agree on the job. The side of your house will also need drainage; check with the local council how many drains you will need; for us, we had three drains for about a 30-metre side path. Our drains were blocked, and we had to get in a plumber to fix all the drains before the concrete was laid. Good luck:-)



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hello @yamali


It's great to hear that this project has inspired you to do the same for your sidewalk. Let me tag @Nham to make sure that he is aware of your question. Would it be possible for you to post a photo of the area so that our members can see what it looks like before it gets cemented over? 


Any other details you would like to share about your project would be very much appreciated. 


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




Just Starting Out

Thank you @Nham  @EricL @ for the tips, also just realised I live in NZ. Not sure if there's a separate page for NZ nevertheless your input is appreciated... Thank you.


Will post the picture as the projects progresses..cheers guys

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

It's just the one Bunnings Workshop community @yamali that's open to both AU and NZ-based members. We're all one big happy D.I.Y. family here! :smile:


I'll be keenly awaiting those progress pictures. Reach out again if you get stuck; we're here to help.




Growing in Experience

Wonderful jobs.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Hi @Fatsquare


Let me tag @Nham to make them aware of your kind words. Are you thinking of doing a similar to your backyard? If you are, please make sure to post an update. I'm sure our members would be keen to see your project.




Cultivating a Following

Thanks for sharing @Nham 

The result is very tidy and appealing.

Are you based in Sydney as well? I'm looking to do a similar project and the price you've provided may be a good gauge of my quote.




Finding My Feet

Looks good @Nham and thanks for sharing.

Did you do the sealing yourself or that was included in the quote?

Also, I see the existing stormwater drains are now within the concrete apron so did you install an agi drain along the fence to catch sub-surface water? How is it coping so far with rain?


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