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Side yard access improved with concrete path

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Experienced Contributor

Fresh concrete with a charcoal semi-gloss sealer provided a neat and practical solution to an overgrown side pathway.





The project


The side path of the house was one of those projects we wanted to do for a long time. It was a very narrow area, overgrown with weeds, and it seemed that the builder had placed the pavers as an afterthought.




We decided to concrete the area as that was the best low-maintenance option. We got some quotes from the concreters, who did the excavation and poured in the cement.








We allowed the concrete to cure for four weeks.




It was suggested to us to seal the concrete surface with a hard-coat polymer. You can tint the sealer to a specific colour. We decided to use the Colourtone sealer system with a charcoal tint (there are more than 20 other colours if you don't like charcoal).




We chose a semi-gloss sealer.




Mixing the tint into the sealer.




Before we did the sealing, we power-washed the concrete and left it to dry for 48 hours. To apply the sealer I used a 11mm-nap paving roller attached to a painting pole. For the side areas, I used a smaller roller.


It took about 45 minutes, and the sealer dried in about 30 minutes. It's easiest to all the sides first using the smaller roller then move to the main areas. I applied the second coat 24 hours later. I didn't tape the edges and walls but took my time doing the sides to reduce any carryover. 


Make sure to wear old shoes as the sealer will get all over them. I also strongly recommend wearing safety glasses and a mask.


If you have any leftover sealer, store it away for any touch-ups. The company says it has a shelf life of two years in the right conditions.  


Before and after






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Hi @Nham 


"We got some quotes from the concreters"


Any chance of providing us with those quotes - ballpark figures?

How long and wide is that path?

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Hi @Noyade ,


For us, the quote was 65-70 per square metre, plain concrete, including execution. The side path is about 32 meters by 1.2 metres wide. We went for the normal grey and then decided to stain the path, but you go for the coloured concrete as well. Good luck.

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Thanks @Nham 

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