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Spotted Gum dining table

Junior Contributor
Junior Contributor

A large dining table with intricately designed legs and feet made using recycled Spotted Gum pallets.





The project


I have only been doing woodworking projects for two months now. I don't have a plan, I just start to build and work from there, staring at the wood for ideas. I built this table using pallets made of Spotted Gum. After I sanded the table back, I oiled it twice with 50:50 linseed oil and turps, while sanding in-between coats. I then finished off with a couple of coats of wax applied with steel wool. Pretty happy with the end result. 


It was a sheer mix of ambition versus ability, but I managed to pull it off. I was amazed at how it came up when I oiled and waxed it all – the grain popped.




I created the legs and feet with the batons from the hardwood pallets. I first glued them together and then screwed them. I then created the extra bits to sit on top.






This was one of the first things I built, so I learned a lot from my mistakes. As this is hardwood from pallets, I am dealing with wood that is not straight, as you can see there is a bow in the legs. Makes it more fun.




I also added a piece on top to protect the table a bit.




Many hardwood pallets become landfill, so I keep an eye out around industrial sites where they are just left out on the kerb. I started with Pine, and when I discovered that hardwood pallets are mostly Spotted Gum, I could not resist.


Methyl Bromide (stamp and code: MB) is a harmful chemical used to fumigate pallets which makes it bug resistant and perfect for import and export shipping.


Pallets with no stamps or codes are referred to as national pallets and are used for domestic freight and shipping. Though they are not treated with chemicals, it is hard to tell where all pallets come from and what they were used for, e.g. a pesticide company or chemical processing company, to name a few.


As a general rule of thumb, avoid using MB stamped or coloured pallets for any of your projects.


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