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Storage cabinet using scrap timber

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Experienced Contributor

This striking custom storage cabinet contains drawers and cupboard spaces of various sizes and was built using scrap pieces of timber. 





The project


The first thing I did was cut the pickets into small blocks using the compound saw with a stop block so that all the blocks were the same size. I used blocks of two different sizes, the second being twice the length of the first.




I glued the blocks to 900mm x 1200mm masonite sheets, selecting the blocks to get an interesting effect from their different colours, grains and knots. I did three sheets like this, then stacked them on top of each other with weights on the top and left them for a week. Two of the sheets were for the sides of the cabinet and the other for the top.


Then I used 2 x 4 timber to make a simple top and bottom frame to fit the space where I wanted the cabinet (less 50mm to allow for the thickness of the side pieces). Then I attached the sides and used a piece of masonite as the cabinet floor. This gave me the inside dimensions that were available to use. I measured all the equipment that I wanted to put in the cabinet and then set about constructing each area accordingly.




I made the drawers using some tongue-and-groove cladding that I had and I gave them fronts made from the Cypress pickets. The handles were all made from the decking boards and rounded over using the sander. The doors are also made from the pickets with a rebate for the transparent acrylic sheeting.



Usually when you make a cabinet you make the face frame first; I made mine almost last, from the Merbau decking board. The top of the cabinet is made from the third sheet that I did at the start, cut into three sections, trimmed down to the required sizes and attached with hinges. Then I attached the castor wheels to the bottom, sanded it all and gave it a lick of varnish.






I purchased the following materials for this project:


  • Cypress Pine fence pickets


  • Masonite sheets


  • Melamine shelf board


  • Merbau decking boards


  • Transparent acrylic sheeting


  • 2 x 4 timber or similar


  • Hinges


  • Castor wheels


  • Screws


  • Nails


  • Liquid Nails


  • Varnish. 




I used the following tools in this project:


  • Sliding compound mitre saw


  • Table saw


  • Router


  • Power drill


  • Hammer


  • Sander


  • Tape measure


  • Square


  • Caulking gun


  • Paint brush


  • Clamps


  • Personal protective equipment (eye protection, breathing mask, ear plugs).


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