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Three-day budget bathroom and ensuite renovation

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Trusted Contributor

With budget-friendly ideas to refresh both a bathroom and ensuite, this renovation was completed in three days and includes a new vanity, tiling, tapware and glass panel.





The project


This guest bathroom was the business end of a renovation job for a client with a complete refresh of wall tiling, a new vanity, updated tapware throughout and a new glass panel. My customer wanted to remove the bath, but I advised against it from a practicality and re-sale value perspective – it's the only bath in the house. While it doesn't get used as a bath at the moment, future owners with kids would really benefit from the bath and, given the house is smaller and on the lower end of the price range, I'd expect a small family to be the next owners.


All that's really left now is for the new roller blinds to be installed and for the owners to give it a fresh paint, ideally white or a light grey and it'll be spot on.


The materials cost around $3000. I had to import one of the vanities to get the customer's preference – if they had gone for a Bunnings one, it would've kept the budget down. Good quality vanities and bathroom fixtures come in decent styles at reasonable prices at Bunnings. I used 300 x 100mm subway tiles.


The ensuite was a quick and easy job, but certainly a big improvement. I'll end up doing the shower in here too – it's just a case of budget at the moment.


Before and after


Guest bathroom












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