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Toilet makeover with tile paint

Budding Contributor
Budding Contributor

This toilet renovation included new fixtures and fresh paint and shows how a simple update can improve a space.





The project


We gave the walls a fresh cost of paint and used White Knight Tile and Laminate Paint from Bunnings on the tiles rather than replacing them. The tile paint has held up really well and we would definitely recommend it.


All up, it cost us around $300. We managed to replace the toilet for $150 and we were very fortunate to have a plumber friend install it for us so we saved on trades.

As we already had the wall paint from the rest of our renovations, it was just the cost of the tile paint and primer, sanding paper and fixtures upgrades.


Before and after






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I love the transformation.- I'm going to be doing something very similar to my toilet.  Great inspiration.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @JulesMcB. It's amazing that you've joined us, and many thanks for jumping into the conversation.


Let me mention @januaryrevival, so they are alerted to your kind comment. I feel there will be a few of us replicating this project. I happened to notice that my wife had liked this project on Instagram, so I feel I'm going to be getting a gentle prod to get started on it soon myself.


Reach out if you need assistance as I trust @januaryrevival and our helpful members would be all too keen to assist. Make sure you take plenty of before, during and after images, as they'll be as inspirational to other members as this project was for you.


Great to have you on board, and  I look forward to seeing what you achieve.




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Thank you so much @JulesMcB and @MitchellMc! Happy to answer any questions about our experience Jules, and good luck with your reno! Can’t wait to see ☺️👍🏼

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Looks great, wonderful transformation

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@iolene thank you! ☺️

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