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A tape measure called bagel

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A tape measure called bagel

c3a232e9d7e8d8eb6923372ad370ef40_original.jpgSpotted this and thought my fellow workshoppers would appreciate it.


Can't wait to get my hands on one of these - might even sign up to the kickstarter!



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Re: A tape measure called bagel

@stupidfish, I like it, especially that it store lengths in it's memory for recall later, rather than the user having to write down lengths, with the odd chance of number transpositions.

I was frustrated that it can only measure up to 10' or 3 Mtrs, then realised that because it uses string instead of the usual curved metal tape, it's not self supporting, so doesn't have any standout (the distance the tape can be extended from it's body & support itself, before it collapses).

I had mega frustration while using my conventional tape measure this morning, that I could go for a Bagel too.

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Re: A tape measure called bagel

I do not want to measure my waist thankyouverymuch. Nor do I think my friends need to know the width of my refridgerator. But the wheel mode for measuring irregular objects looks ingenious. 


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Re: A tape measure called bagel

Guys, the only problem is that it's in Kickstarter mode. They've already raised over $1.5 mil and need plenty more to bring it to market. At the moment they are giving you the "opportunity" to perhaps purchase one in December (great Xmas present!). It's only gunna set you back about AUD$120. That's if it gets to market. Remember, this is only a prototype.

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