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Bling out your toolbox

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Bling out your toolbox

Bosch hybrid

I thought the two brands looked like they would fit together and now proof they do.


I have some EVA foam for making inserts, just need to work out the best way for me to cut it. I don't have a hot knife yet but I have seen it cut with a stanley knife and people have sawn it, I have a blade for the multi-tool I may give that a go. Need to find my hot melt glue gun as the best option to stick it together from what I have Googled - warning if you do Google it you may see some disturbing images of people's cosplay...


I have some velcro and non slip tray lining that after I found it up pops self adhesive liner...


Need to get a first aid kit for the red box and cut some aluminum chanel to make drawer holders for the boxxes.

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Re: Bling out your toolbox

Love customised foam inserts. It will be great to see what you come up with @Brad. Other community members might also like to share their custom inserts.



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