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Dumping unwanted timber ( plywood & pines)

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Dumping unwanted timber ( plywood & pines)

Hi guys, 

I have some timbers in my shed. They are plywood and pines. Cut pieces. I would like to throw them and clean my shed. Where can I throw them? I thought of throwing them in the general waster and green waste bin. Is that okay ? or are there any other places ( dumping site) where I can take on the bulk and dump at once. 

Suggestions will be highly appreciated. 

Pictures are attached. 




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Re: Dumping unwanted timber ( plywood & pines)

Thanks for your question @Sugar. It seems such a shame to throw it all away. Do you think any could be salvaged for a future project? We've got plenty of inspiration on Workshop for using recycled timber.


Let me tag helpful members @TedBear, @Yorky88 and our resident D.I.Y. expert @EricL.




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Re: Dumping unwanted timber ( plywood & pines)

Hello @Sugar


Thank you for sharing your question about dumping unwanted timber.


It's great that you've received fantastic advice from @StevieB. I totally agree with her recommendation, there are so many projects that you can do with your leftover timber. Just by looking at the photos you've posted, I see so many possible projects such as plant stands, shelving, garden chairs, shoe racks, and picture frames just to name a few. 


However, if you are not able to do any of these projects, I suggest asking if your local Men's Shed needs a timber donation. You could even leave it out on the curb with a free sign on it. Someone might be needing a bit of timber for their project. I would put dumping as the very last option on your list.


Here is a handy link for ideas and inspiration: Top 10 most popular woodworking projects


If you need more ideas for your timber, please let us know.




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Re: Dumping unwanted timber ( plywood & pines)

Hi @Sugar , I agree with the previous suggestions from @StevieB and @EricL but if you don't have any luck and run out of other options, you could try

to see if any local recyclers can put it to good use.

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