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Feature tiles for garage sink

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Feature tiles for garage sink

We needed a sink downstairs in our garage. A friend built us a fabulous storage area with a workbench and sink stand. We have just about finished painting and tiling the bench and sink.


We already had the feature and blue and green tiles. We bought the Johnson bros red and cream tiles and the dulux gloss red to finish the project at our local Bunnings. The range of Johnson bros tile colours available has decreased, which is why we went with the red and cream as they were the only ones compatible with our feature tiles.


We just need to get the plumber back to install the sink 


Tile cement, spacers, tiles, grout


All easily found at Bunnings 


Tile cutter, tile nipper, squares and levels, lots of patience


Step 1

Sealed the wall and sink surround


Step 2

planned the tile pattern

Step 3

Measured carefully around the sink so all the lines would be square to the sink and marked grid lines.

Step 4

tiled the easy bits, the whole tiles first on the walls

Step 5

cut the tiles as needed to finish the wall

Step 6

cut the blue edge for the sink surround for colour continuity

Step 7

tiled all the whole tiles first, then cut the missing pieces

Step 8

did a little angle grinding to ensure the sink fitted

Step 9

grouted it all and then admired our work while waiting for the plumber 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Feature tiles for garage sink

Hello @MargnFrank 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's a pleasure to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your tiled garage sink project.


The sink looks excellent, and tiles blend in so well with the red benchtop. Having that blue line go around the sink neatly ties up the blue and green tiles on the wall. How long did the entire project take to build? Did you run into any difficulties while trying to decide the position of the sink?


Again, thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Re: Feature tiles for garage sink

Hi EricL

thanks for your kind comments

Johnson tiles used to come in many colours. We have done mosaic before and had some leftover coloured tiles we bought at Bunnings many years ago. We wanted to do a Mondrian inspired pattern, but it didn’t go with the feature tiles. After lots of trying out all the colours we had, we decided to use the green and blue for the wall, and as you noted, link them to the sink surround with the blue border. The red and cream were the most compatible of the available colours in Bunnings at the moment.
we did the project over many days, about 2 hours at a time in chunks that were easy and made for a logical progression. easy tiles first then the ones that needed cutting. 
we did the back wall first, then tried very hard to make the tiles square with the sink and flat!

It took us about 6 days working a bit at a time.

Heres a few pictures of the stages. Thanks again for your comments








These are pictures of the stages.

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