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How to add strip LED lights in garage?

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How to add strip LED lights in garage?

Hello Members,

Is that possible to install the strip LED lights (as informed in below image) for a finished garage. Anyone has tried this in their own garage. What materials are required for this project.






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Strip LED Lights in Garage

Hi @nagumuthu,


Thank you for your question about installing LED strip lights in your garage ceiling.


Do you have any photos of your garage that you could upload? This will help our members come up with a plan that will work in your situation.


It appears to be a rendered image, so it is a bit hard to tell what they are proposing, but I'd suggest it would look best if the LED strip lights were recessed into the ceiling and the cords were hidden.


There are a variety of LED strip lights to choose from with different capabilities. The choice of which strip lights you'd like is entirely up to you.


To achieve a look like this where there are no visible cords, you would need an electrician to install a DETA Quick Connect Plug Base in the ceiling space. These are often used with downlights, and they are a great way of concealing wiring.


Recessing the LED lights into the ceiling would take quite a bit of work as you'd need to cut the plasterboard and install Metal Mate 10 x 10 x 1.5mm 3m Aluminium Channel in the ceiling then reattach and plaster the ceiling to create a smooth finish.


It looks like a great project, but there are things that need to be considered based on the specifics of your garage. I'm happy to offer more advice when you can get us some photos of your garage to look at.


Allow me to tag some of our helpful members to see how they'd tackle this sort of project, @CSParnell, @DIYGnome, @Dave-1.


Let me know if you have any further questions.




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Re: Strip LED Lights in Garage

Hey @nagumuthu MM are you looking for just a shelf recess like pictured like above or are you talking about the perimeter of the entire garage plaster ceiling?

Just need some clarification?

For either as @JacobZ has mentioned the best way is a Ali channel that you could sit the led strip inside which also acts as a heat sink. This is a very common method in shop fittouts.

To cut the chennel in I would be using a trimming tool Trim router as you can set the depth and select the correct width rool and also get the correct edge from the existing edge.

You may get away with just no more gaps the edge of the channel in to the existing material.


One thing always check for existing services before using the trimmer as you would hate to go through a water or electricity.


To fix the channel in if you are attaching in the ceiling you could liquid nails and screw to the ceiling beams, being it a C channel Ali it won't say. If it is in a shelf like the picture you may need to look at attachments for it.


For power to the strip/ strips you will need a lisenced electrician to wire up some plug bases for you back to a switch pretty easy.


I hope that helps some.

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Re: Strip LED Lights in Garage

Afternoon @nagumuthu 

Thats an interesting idea to try. A few photos of the area and further back would make it easier to suggest something that could work. I have done some LED strip styled lighting in my garage conversion into a libary and that came up nicely. Tho I was accentuating my rafters and didnt have a flat ceiling.


Bookcase retrofit to create a garage library is the project and it shows the lighting around the edge of the room.


Will wait for some photos and have a look at them for more suggestions.



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