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How to glue metal to metal?

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How to glue metal to metal?

Good morning,

I try to find a solution to a problem that concerns me since ever I have bought my second hand ute. 
A second hand lockable tray was installed that can’t get locked. So the back of my ute is open and accessible always. 
That’s not what I paid for… and I am carrying expensive equipment with me most times.

Instead of investing in another tray I had a specialised automotive locksmith look at it and he came up with a solution that seems undoable now. He initially said that I should drill a hole into the Utes back and attach an eye bolt; which I did. I then went and bought a carabiner with attached Velcro to attach to either side of both bolts. Great idea initially, 

and now comes the ‘but’ 

how am I supposed to screw the washer and nut to the eye bold through and under the plastic if I can’t reach in between the plastic and the metal?  There’s no hole on the other end as it’s the tailboard of the vehicle; which is closed.

I can’t weld and don’t know anyone who does.

Is there any glue that’s strong enough for me to glue it on so that I can screw in the eye bold from the top?


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to glue metal to metal?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @yavi.


You'll be pleased to know that @Sybilla has already resolved the issue without glue, as they were able to access the internal metal frame. 


For the benefit of our other readers who come across this post, we have PC Products 57g PC Metal Epoxy Putty stocked in-store. If they are after a high-viscosity bonding agent for cylindrical fittings, which you appear to have linked to, we can certainly order the Loctite 660.


We look forward to hearing about all your projects and plans around the house and garden. Feel free to reach out anytime you need assistance or have something to share with the community.




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Re: How to glue metal to metal?

Hi @Sybilla 


I am concerned you are luring yourself into a  false sense of security?   Please physically test your  latching mechanisim as a  thief  would using physical brute strength and  leverage.  I save this as I have had  my ute  tail gate and canopy forced open and stuff  stolen.


Physically test your  utes locking mechanisim  but not  to destruction.


I would  consider  locking the internal interior boxes  bolted in as  well as  you only get one  chane to stop them. or


Upgrade your insurance  cover so who   cares if they break in your business is covered.


I personally hope your system works.

Re: How to glue metal to metal?

Hi @Jewelleryrescue 

I appreciate your input and concerns. 
Apart from the fact that I obtained tool insurance I had have it tested by 3 different physical strong males other than myself. 
However, I’m very much aware: where’s a will there’s a way, isn't there!?
So, obviously if anyone wanted to he could gain access by using severe brute force, but that goes for anything, doesn’t it.

Stay safe and warm.



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