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My Shed

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My Shed

Hi Everyone just thought i would post some phoyos of my shed its a mess at moment only get to play with it on odd weekends but it getting there slowly  

I started with a 6m x 5m shed that was full of junk so got annoyed 1 weekend and threw most of it out 

then bought a heap of structural pine and plywood and made a frame the 2 side walls and insulated to help with noise and heat still got the roof and back wall to do

the back wall will be all cupboards floor to ceiling wich am starting on next weekend 


started of with triton workcentre 15 years ago but have moved around alot in my life being in the armed forces  

so have settled down now and doing what i love best 

anyway found that cutting full sheets was painful so made some outriggers for the triton so can do full sheets the thought i need an assembly table to build things on and an out feed table as well so made the bench behind the triton is on lockable wheels but can be moved out if needed



The out feed table has a small area where in can take out an either put in a jigsaw  a sander or a small router 


my next project was making a mobile drop saw table  pictured below


drop sawdrop saw

well it works well for what i needed at the time 


next i needed to a cupboard and small workbech for storing stufff in 



have more will post later 


sorry for the delay everyone but had a death in the family 


anyway some poeple have been asking me for measurements and stuff of the  drop saw table so here we go 



the photo is of the large drop saw table 

have some rough measurements for you


Wings  850mm x 500mm x2

wing arms 500mm x 500mm x 2

Cabinet sides 900mm x 730 mm  x2

Shelves 600mm x 730mm  x 3

(1shelf is the floor of the unit and 1is for the top of unit and 1 for top of door  you can cut another shelf for inside the unit if required)

Back 1000m x900mm

Door 520mm x 615 mm


All measurements are rough



Ok below i have some measurement of a smaller version with drawers 


small 3 drawer modelsmall 3 drawer model


Measurement are a guide only

wings 700 x450

shelves 480x490

sides 900 x 500

Back 900 x500

drawer fronts 150 x520

drawer base 490 x435

Drawer sides 120 x435

drawer backs 490 x120

all these were made out of scrap 12 mm plywood 

Thanks i will post some more stuff soon

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: My Shed

Great work @Gaz and many thanks for sharing.


Looking forward to seeing all the projects you tackle in your shed in future. It looks like you have terrific skills and experience to share. Please post whenever you have a project or need a hand. 


And feel free to let me know if you ever need help getting the most from the site or have feedback about how we can make Workshop more useful to you.


Welcome aboard,




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Re: My Shed

Thanks Jason 

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Re: My Shed

Looks like a nice space Gaz, looking forward to more.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: My Shed

Hey @Gaz,


Just curious if you've made any progress in the shed? It would be great to see what you've been up to in the past month.




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