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Should I use particle board or ply for garage tool wall?

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Should I use particle board or ply for garage tool wall?



I'm planning on sprucing up the garage (fully enclosed and dry) by putting a bike rack on one side (so bikes hang vertically) and fit the rest of that wall setting it up as a tool wall for commonly used hand tools, motorbike and car tools plus some garden stuff.  


I'm thinking of fixing either particle or ply (to the struds) on top of the existing GIB to provide easy/ better fixing for the tool wall. Previous attempts at fixing things gib have not gone well. 



1. Ply or Particle board? Which would be preferable 

2. I'd like a paint finish.  So, what's the best prep/ products for each board type?

3. Do I need treated board? Or for this use will the sealing/ painting be enough?

4. Is a 21mm board overkill or underspec for such a job?


Thanks in advance for any help/ guidance. 




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Re: Should I use particle board or ply for garage tool wall?

Afternoon @afonseca 

Thats a good idea! Id go for the plyboard as I have seen similar ideas and they come up looking good!

I like the idea of the ply as once you have attached it to the stud wall it gives you a lot stronger way to attach other things. As for painting ummm  I will let others suggest that :smile: Id just go for a undercoat for timber and a white for the top coat or even maybe just oil thetimber and leave a natural look? 


I dont think you need a treated board, its not anywhere where its going to be impacte dby weather or moisture.


Id also be using 21mm board :smile: d rather something be solid and long laster then go for a smaller product that may not last as well.


Id also like to welcome you to the Bunnings community :smile: Hopefully you will post up your bike rack/tool wall after you have done it or actually post photos of all the way through and make it into a project :smile:



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Should I use particle board or ply for garage tool wall?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @afonseca. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about mounting boards.

It's great to see that @Dave-1 has already provided a helpful answer. I've also used particle board, which has been sufficient for holding tools. Both types of board would required a similar painting process. Once again, as Dave has mentioned, a coat of primer/undercoat and your topcoat is all that is needed. I do like the idea of leaving the timber bare or oiling it.


No need for a treated board as it is not exposed to the elements, and I would suggest that 21mm board would be overkill, 18mm particle board, plywood or MDF would be perfectly fine.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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