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Timber Burl finish - epoxy or varnish ?

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Timber Burl finish - epoxy or varnish ?

Hi All,


I have a few timber burls that I want to sand back/prep for possibly a coffee table or a wall clock....or something I haven't thought of yet...

Have a belt & orbital sander to prep the surface back to nice & smooth, but wondering how to finish it - have seen some mesmerisingly great vids on youtube using epoxy to coat/fill gaps on large timber pieces eg

though its not very clear if you still need to sand/polish the finish

or do I just varnish/sand/varnish to get a nice (bright) finishIMG_9859.jpg

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Re: Timber Burl finish - epoxy or varnish ?

Hey @Dan_M, great to see you make your first post. Welcome to the Workshop community!


Let me tag some of our keen woodworkers for you. Hopefully there will be some members who are able to assist.





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Re: Timber Burl finish - epoxy or varnish ?

Epoxy is the go to product these days for finishing. Epoxy Resin is an alternative filler that can be coloured or clear and will need sanding and finishing.
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Re: Timber Burl finish - epoxy or varnish ?

Hi guys, Most of my handy work is either painted or oiled. But i once refinished an old coffee table with Bondall ultra gloss clear varnish from Bunnings. Applied by brush and thinned with a touch of turps (to help keep out the brush lines), I built up several coats over a few days and the finish looked amazing. I also tried my hand at hand carved walking sticks and used the same product in a spray can on them. Same idea with several coats built up over time.IMG_20170523_132048.jpgIMAG1452.jpgIMAG1454_1_1.jpg 

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