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Tool bag for beginners

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Tool bag for beginners


When I started out doing odd jobs and DIY around the house, I needed some tools, and most of us have "hand me downs" from family members.


The number of tools you can get from any hardware store is just staggering, and there is a tool for nearly every job. I wanted to share what I have in my tool bag as a beginner or novice DIY and help anyone who wants to get started. Here are some of my essential items for your tool bag; 


  1. Get a tool bag; I bought mine at Supercheap auto when it went on sale!
  2. Cordless Drill, the best invention since "sliced bread". OMG, I use to screw everything in by hand never again...
  3. I can't live without my measuring tape
  4. Set of flat and Phillip's head screwdrivers, and don't forget the stumpy 
  5. Level tool
  6. Penknife or swiss army tool, great for opening wine bottles:-)
  7. Mallet, under rated and so handy
  8. Optional- wire strippers, only if you know what you are doing. 

Regarding the budget or how much you should spend, it's a personal choice, and most of my tools are at the budget end, such as screwdrivers, mallets, etc....but for the power tools, I do like Bosch (again, personal choice).


I would have to say that the most used tool for me is the cordless drill, then the measuring tape. Cheers everyone.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Tool bag for beginners

Hello @Nham


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and advice on such a great topic. Those who are just starting their D.I.Y. journey will find this guide very useful. I totally agree with you that the tape measure is one of the most indispensable tools you've got to have in your tool bag. My first hand-me-down tool was a folding ruler that I still have in my toolbox.


Thank you for sharing this part of your journey into D.I.Y.




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Community Manager

Re: Tool bag for beginners

Thanks for sharing @Nham.


Members should also find these guides by @Peggers very useful:




Thanks again,




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