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Why does the garage door keep opening by itself?

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Why does the garage door keep opening by itself?

The garage door has been opening and closing without us using the controls. I've had to turn the power off to the unit because it keeps opening. Sometimes it opens or closes completely, other times it only opens or closes half way.

So what are the solution to this? I was told by a property manager that I need to replace the motor, which costs about $600. But if this is really about the motor?



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Garage door issue

Hello @ivanptr,


Two things come to mind.


First, someone has copied your garage door opening frequency. Are you able to change it? They could be playing tricks or are up to no good. You might need to change remotes and put away the old ones as they might be compromised. Until then, my recommendation is to turn the unit off at night so that no one can open it when you are asleep. 


The second thing is that the unit might be faulty and needs replacing.


Look at the branding on the motor housing and see if there is a service number you can call. You either have it inspected and repaired or totally replace the unit.


Look carefully how it is attached, is it chain operated? Once you are sure how it works, have a look at the available models at the store. Please don't forget that Bunnings has a garage door opener installation service


If you need further assistance, please let me know.




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Re: Garage door issue

I called the repairer , he advised us to get the code resetted, and replace the old remote.


The model is ATA gdo v6, so we did the factory reset and coded it with this new remote:


We need some time to observe if the garage door issue of randomly opening and closing still exists.


1. If this resolved the issue , how can we duplicate one more garage key? ( its a double garage , and we need one more key)


2. If it doesnt resolve the issue, we need to get Chamberlain Sectional Lift Sectional Garage Door Opener from Bunnings and arrange install (by Bunnings as well)


However , if we are changing Brand from ATA to Chamberlain, does that mean we need to hire someome to replace the old ATA garage rail track as well ? 🥲 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Garage door issue

Hi @ivanptr,


You can either code your second ATA Garage Door Remote from the "door code" button on the motor or by copying it from the remote you've already coded. I'll add the instructions below.


The Chamberlain SectionalLift Sectional Garage Door Opener is designed to suit existing garage doors, so there should be no need to change the garage rail track.


Please let me know if you have any questions.





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