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Why won't my Ozito battery charge?

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Why won't my Ozito battery charge?

Put a18V FLAT Ozito battery on charger 2.25 hrs Now won’t work ?? Ideas? Please.

Re: Battery issues with ULTRA 5.2Ah

Hello @Kev1-Towns 

From what you have described it would appear the batteries are either reaching the end of their service life OR they have experienced charging issues which have had a compound effect over time.

Smart chargers are great but it has been my experience that they are designed to not accept battery packs whose voltage has dropped below their designed "minimal acceptable" overall resting voltage, the battery management systems (BMS) integrated into the packs help to prevent over charging / discharging but a battery should NEVER be left in a low state of charge because whilst the discharge is lower for this type of chemistry (Lithium) is still occurs and once you reach that cut off voltage the Smart Charger will no longer work on that pack.     


If still in the Warranty period, I would go that route 👍





Ozito 18v PXC Battery/Charger User Manual

Re: Battery charging question

"But I always thought Lithium doesn't deplete itself to death (from overuse)?" - Noyade

Actually @Noyade lithium cells do have a limited number of cycles in their lifetime (300 - 500), as they age the capacity also reduces thus older well used batteries have a lower overall capacity and will reach an unserviceable voltage sooner than newer battery packs if left in a low state of charge, temperature also has an impact on battery cycle/health (further details in link below) 👍 


Re: Battery issues with ULTRA 5.2Ah

Hi Mitchell, Thanks for the reply and I will check with my local Bunnings store later this week.   

Re: Battery issues with ULTRA 5.2Ah

Hi DIYGnome, Great information on the batteries and charging systems. I use the batteries with the Ozito mower once a week, and I would have left the batteries charging until the next day. I will just have to remember to remove the batteries from the charger in future.


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