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Can I extend retaining wall fence brackets with bracket plates?

Just Starting Out

Can I extend retaining wall fence brackets with bracket plates?

Hi everyone,


This is my first time posting question here and I hope someone could give me some advice of DIY colourbond fence.

We hired a contractor to build a 1700mm long retaining wall approx. 80-100mm off our house boundary line. Instead of putting the offset fence brackets, he put straight fence brackets and they probably cannot be redone now. 

We are now thinking of DIY colourbond fences, is it possible (or safe) to add some bracket plates to existing fence brackets to make it offset, so we can put our fence on the boundary line?

Thank you in advance for your help.20231130_170105.jpg



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Re: Can I extend retaining wall fence brackets with bracket plates?

Hi  @Kare 



Well  hello to the  workshop.  Ummm I am very familiar with color bond  fences.  But a little confused about  your fence goals and current retaining wall placement. Did you want to run the fence on top of the retaining wall?


A   /   For  example that white  surveyors peg is the real  corner of your yard typically the color bond posts start exactly there and run down your mutual fence line half paid for by neighbour. So  the fence forms its own corner with standard  color bond posts on top of  the peg.. That would a normal fence arrangement .


B/ It looks to me you want to attach a color bond post to the metal bracket and have it run along top of the wall?

If this is  true I would take bracket off and not use it. 

More simply dig in and cement a standard color bond  post at the end of the concrete retaining wall which will also be able to position on your true fence line next to white  peg (No offset required) . The color bond bottom  rail will then simply sit on top of your  retaining wall.


If you build inside your peg line you will be losing property space if this  is the situation as a guess.

So i  highly recommend building fence line starting on the surveyors  pegs that is  what its there fore.  This  will move your fence off the line of the retaining wall  and in line  with surveyors peg next  build up  your color bond fence on top of one or  two  50mm x 2400 x 200mm treated sleepers plinths that slip into color bond post slots and put bottom fence rails on top of that this  will form your proper fence line and it will be level with your cement retaining wall.  


So  please tell me where  I assumed  wrong and we can go from  there.


Also  this  guide may help


Re: Can I extend retaining wall fence brackets with bracket plates?

Thank you for you detailed reply. That is very informative.

Yes, we are hoping to build the fence on the surveyor peg. However, we are not sure how to secure the posts.

The area between the peg line and retaining wall has been filled with gravel and ag pipe. We are a bit afraid to dig and damage the drainage.

Therefore, we were thinking to add some bracket plates to extend from the original fence bracket installed, and attached the plates between the posts. Kind of like DIY the offset fence brackets. Or, is digging the ground and cement the posts are the only way to install the fences?

I hope this doesn't confuse you. Thank you again for your help.

Re: Can I extend retaining wall fence brackets with bracket plates?

Thanks  @Kare 


You guys  have gone to some trouble and expense with the backet  idea I  follow your plan it will work to a certain  degree with a bit more creative  DIY thinking but I dont want to rain on your  parade but I know color bond needs  proper  posts for long life.


Thanks for  extra info its much  clearer I understand your concerns re ag  pipe  but I think  we  can  work  with the ag  pipe as it is flexable.


My  advice is  based on what I would  do in your yard as if it was my yard but you guys are the project managers so your decision rules and  we will support that  as you choose just so you know.


I still highly recommend the standard color bond  fence  build and not try to attach brackets method. my reasons are.

- Bracket will not make a strong fence high up . Regular posts  will be stronger wind  proof all day every day.

- It wont look very nice and it is quite hard and  to attach  that  bracket to a color bond post . You might  custom make a  bracket  lower down  but it wont hold fence at the top.


Lets  look again

The  ag pipe is on the inside of the peg   between the wall.  So the post goes where the peg is  on the outside of the ag no need to disturb ag line. If  need  be the ag line can be sqaushed a  bit and it will go out of  round a  bit but still 100% effective as  posts push past it for more posts down the line.


If you dig  carefully a post holes besides the outside of ag line you  wont hurt it and it already has  holes in it so  even if you  damage it water will still flow into it. and its function is 100% ok.  Plus  there is room to add fence posts on the out side and  follow surveyer  marked  boundaries. 


Use a   manual post hole digger for cleaner post holes past the ag line less risks of  hurting it.  Cement in the  post hole  can stay below ag  line and not clog it up. 


Can I suggest you contact a  color bond installer and get a  quote off them to do the  job and  get there  opinion as to  how to  proceed. They may have some  new  approach too we  have  thought of.




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Can I extend retaining wall fence brackets with bracket plates?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Kare. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question on fencing.


Unfortunately, Colorbond fencing is designed to be installed between posts that have been concreted into the ground. Even then, due to wind loads, the footers need to be sizeable. As @Jewelleryrescue has mentioned, attaching the posts to brackets likely wouldn't be a positive enough connection and wouldn't comply with installation requirements.


It would be best to do some exploratory work to see if you can make the appropriate space for the footers behind the retaining wall.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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Re: Can I extend retaining wall fence brackets with bracket plates?

Thank you guys for your advice.

We agree that concretting the posts to secure the fences will be much safer and will reconsider this method.

We will evaluate the situation and see if we can still DIY it, otherwise better to leave them to the professionals as you all said.



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