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Can you convert a Worx whipper snipper to a round metal brush?

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Can you convert a Worx whipper snipper to a round metal brush?

I have a Cordless Worx whipper snipper which gives me issues feeding the line. I’d like to be able to use it without a lot of frustrating stopping and starting. Therefore, I’d like to know if I can convert it to adjust a round metal brush? Please see the photos attached. Is this possible ? Has anybody ever used this before? Can you give me some advice please? 



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Re: Worx whipper snipper

Hi @coleiro 

I am not very familiar with your Worx Whipper Snipper. So i won't comment on that but I would make two comments:

1) I am nervous about what you are proposing. Looking at it I don't see how that would work well given what you already have. Nor am I comfortable with you putting an metal cutting head or head with steel cable on it. Just waiting for a problem to happen there. 

2) I think you can probably get a self-feeding head to put on your existing whipper snipper. Take it to a specialist power garden place and they have universal heads that will probably screw straignt on. I bought one for my old Makita WS and it works a treat. Apparently there are only a couple of thread types/sizes. It only cost $60 with line on it and was very easy to reload. 


Good luck. 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Worx whipper snipper

Hello @coleiro 


I'm in agreement with @robchin regarding your safety. Your whipper snipper has been designed to use a standard line and using a third-party fitting means that your warranty will be void. It will also be unpredictable if the parts on your whipper snipper can withstand the stress of a steel head. In the interest of health and safety, I suggest staying with the regular fittings of your whipper snipper. 


I suggest getting in contact with the seller or manufacturer in regards to the line feeding issue. 


If you need further assistance, please let us know.




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