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How to level the soil?

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How to level the soil?


Hello Friends.. am a new starter to this forum and would like to know how could I level the soil in front yard of my house.. it is a stony look.. my plan is to remove all the small stones, level the soil, put the weed protective sheet and then put an artificial grass.. also would like to keep the existing assorted plants and big to start this want to know how can I level the soil or where should I start first.. 


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Re: How to level the soil?

Welcome @anupt!


Once you've cleared the small stones away, you'll need to remove about 70mm of sand/soil from the area, compact it, then lay crackerdust and compact that to the finished height of your fake grass, then lay the fake grass on top.


Set your levels with a string line first and work to that by eye. Then when it comes to getting the final level (the compacted level of the crackerdust), run a long screed over the top of the area with a spirit level on top. Hope that makes sense.

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Re: How to level the soil?

Hi @anupt,


I'd also like to welcome you to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's great to see you've already received a comprehensive reply from the knowledgable @ProjectPete.


We look forward to hearing more about your project, following along with your build and seeing the results you achieve. I trust you'll find loads of inspiration for your project from our wonderfully creative members who contribute their amazing garden transformations here all the time.


Please let us know if you need additional information or have any questions about your project.




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