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How to make a frog pond in your garden

Kind of a Big Deal

How to make a frog pond in your garden

Watch this space friends as we convert this old bathtub into a beautiful Frog Pond 🐸🐸🐸 We have three small frog ponds in our garden and now it’s time to upgrade to a larger one 🐸💚🌿 I’ll show you step by step how it’s put together 😄






frog pond.jpeg




Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How To Make a Frog Pond in your Garden

It sounds like a fascinating project @mich1972. I can't wait to see your results. As someone that very rarely chlorinates my pool in the off-season, I'd like to provide a home for my friendly frog companions, which is ideally not my pool. This sounds like a great option, and I'll be following along.


Please keep us updated.




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Kind of a Big Deal

How to make a frog pond

Good Morning Workshop friends.

I would love to share with you how easy it is to repurpose what you have in your garden and shed !!!!! So think about what you you do with that item before putting in the bin.















We have three small Frog Ponds in our garden and it was time to go larger !!! Everything I have used is repurposed. The only ONE thing I bought was a Native Blue Flax Lily but I will talk about that in another blog 😊🐸🐸🐸😊

Old bathtub that I had from Worm Farms. I have condensed our Worm Farms down to one bathtub now as our scraps go to our Chooks.

Old bricks we have, to build up inside the tub to give height.

Old terracotta pipes that I had been using for a Native Bee House but I have changed that up.

All the water plants are from the other ponds that I divided up.

Old blue metal I used to weigh down the pots and also used it for the hard landscape mulch around the tub. I had it in the old worm farm.

Old plastic pots for the water plants.

Old bamboo stakes and twine I used to make a screen to create some shade for when I add native fish that will eat the mozzie larvae and not the tadpoles. Will blog that when it happens.

We placed the bathtub where it will get partial sun.
I had an old sink plug that I used silicone to secure it in so it’s water tight.
Sat some old bricks stacked up for height to sit the terracotta pipes onto.
Divided up water plants and placed into pots, put some blue metal in to weigh them down. You can use pebbles or scoria.

I added some old driftwood that I had in the other frog ponds.

Made a bamboo screen , nothing fancy pants, it’s just to provide shade and some protection.
Then added blue metal on the ground as a hard mulch and placed our potted plants around it.

I must tell you if you have children you MUST put a strong mesh screen on the top of the tub with a few bricks to hold it down. The plants will grow through it. And only partially fill up the tub with water. Add a fence around it to be safe.
SAFETY FIRST when it comes to water.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to make a frog pond

That looks sensationally @mich1972 and has all the required elements for a successful tadpole breeding ground and frog sanctuary. It's also fantastic that you've repurposed all the elements, so this would be a super cheap and easy project for anyone to make. 


Many thanks for sharing, and I look forward to your updates about the frogs moving in. Great work!




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Re: How to make a frog pond

Hello @mich1972 


It's always a pleasure to see your creations here on workshop. I well and truly agree and believe that repurposing is the way to go. It always saddens me when every year at the curb pick up by the council you see tubs and basins that would make perfect frog ponds. They all just end up at the tip. Hopefully our current and new readers will see other uses for their items at home that they could possibly use in the garden. I love that you've used different media in your creation of the habitat and not just plants. It gives it such an organic look and they blend in so we'll. Hopefully it will soon be full of tad poles! 




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Re: How to make a frog pond

Thank You @MitchellMc Yep we are happy with it and also happy to repurpose  !!!!!! Will update when we add the fish 🐸🐸

Re: How to make a frog pond

Thank You @redracer01 Im always at the tip seeing what I can reuse in the garden 🤣😆🥰🥰

Re: How to make a frog pond






 They are in !!!! White Cloud and Gold Cloud Minnows 😍 These bad boys will feed on mozzie larvae and not harm tadpoles or frog eggs 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

Great work, @mich1972. I look forward to hearing about how well these fish keep the mosquito larvae under control.


Have you spotted any frogs scoping out the new pond?




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Re: How to make a frog pond in your garden

@MitchellMc  😂 no not yet mate. We have frogs around the existing ponds, so hopefully they will find the new one as it’s only a couple of metres away 🐸🐸🐸

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