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How to protect kids from rough timber sleepers?

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How to protect kids from rough timber sleepers?

Hi, this is my first question here. I'm trying to get my garden bed (with 2 sleeper level) at my backyard.i have been to Bunnings Marsden park yesterday and liked h4 red coloured 2.4m sleepers. But during last minute I observed that the corners , edges etc are very rough and small parts of sharp wood might be dangerous for my kids (toddlers) if they touch or move their hands on it. Am sure this might be in mind for many who have got young kids. How did you handle this and what do you suggest? I don't want to go with treated wood so chose h4 but bit worried about these wooden borders which potentially harm young kids if they play with it. Kindly suggest what can be done here. Appreciate your help and advice. Thanks

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Re: my first DIY - garden bed query

Hello @RK1


Thank you for sharing your question about your garden bed.


One way of covering the exposed edges of the timber is to use a timber cover piece. For example, you can use Porta 90 x 18mm 2.4m Treated Pine DAR to cover the exposed edge of the pine sleeper. I also recommend sanding the rough edges with sandpaper to remove all the splinters all over the sleeper. We would love to see any photos or updates you can provide about your project.


Let me tag our experienced member @JoeAzza for his recommendations.


We look forward to seeing your garden bed built.




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Re: my first DIY - garden bed query

Hello @RK1

.@Ericl suggestion is good, if you have a router you could round off the edges with a router rounding bit (see image) or use corner protectors, see images below.




Router bit suggestion or similar.






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