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How to revive my new lawn?

Just Starting Out

How to revive my new lawn?


I recently turfed the backyard. The dying lawn is Sir Walter from marketplace and the green stuff in the back is Bunnings!


Laid on the same base 2 days apart!

we have had plenty of rain in Brisbane since it was done at the start of December! 

Have I done something wrong? How do I rescue the dying parts?


Thank you :smile:

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: New Lawn struggles

Hi @THam 


You getting plenty of water thats a start.

Iwould  like to recommend a  specific seasol product for buffalo grass as it dose a multitude of  good things I  hope will help revitalize your  lawn.



Seasol 2L Buffalo Lawn Fertiliser - Twin Pack I/N: 0029268  $24.63

  • Feeds and revitalises all Buffalo lawns
  • Improves soil health for a stronger healthier lawn
  • Promotes healthy green growth and a stronger root system
  • Reduces stress from heat, drought, frost and foot traffic
  • Conditions the soil, increases soil friability and reduces nutrient leaching Stimulates beneficial soil microbes
Seasol for Buffalo Lawns with all the benefits of Seasol, plus a superior nutrient mix, trace elements, liquid compost and a wetting agent.

It feeds and revitalises buffalo lawns, but also conditions the soil, which means you are taking care of your lawn above and below the ground.

The added wetting agent makes sure that valuable water and nutrients can penetrate the root system, so it’s the perfect pick me up for a healthy lawn all year round.

Seasol is proudly Australian made.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to revive my new lawn?

Hi @THam,


If the lawn were laid less than a month ago, I would hold off on chemical fertilizers. Instead, I'd recommend applying Seasol regularly for the next couple of months to nourish and encourage the grass to fill in. You can then move on to full fertilisers.


Chances are you've done nothing wrong. The other grass might have been sitting around longer after being cut and, therefore, struggled to take root when you laid it.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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