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Making garden beds

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Making garden beds

Hi everyone,


I am wanting to start creating some garden beds in my backyard and also move an existing big garden bed (relocate it).


Very new to doing this so seeking to advise on

  • What type of wood I should be looking for?
    • Location - outdoors
  • What type of other materials will be required?
    • For lining the bed 
    • For securing the bed
  • What type of soil + compost?
    • Don't need anything with bones,  blood etc. cow manure is fine!




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Re: Making garden beds

Hi @varununi 


H4 treated sleepers like this or this (considered safer for use to grow edible plants) are used for making raised garden beds. 


Other materials you might need 

- Geofabric lining 

-clips/stapler to attach them 

-bags of concrete 

- galvanized timber screws 

Posts (timber or steel)


In addition, you would need tools for digging, wheelbarrow for transporting soil, drills etc.


Depending on the size of your garden bed and what you are growing, you can get bags of soil from Bunnings/nurseries or get your local landscaping supplier to deliver them by a truck.


It will be helpful if you post pictures of your area for garden bed, what you are planning to grow, dimensions of proposed bed etc.


Also post the picture of the garden bed you are planning to relocate. That way, you might get specific advice


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Making garden beds

Hi @varununi,


It's wonderful to see @Neo19 is already assisting. As they've mentioned, it would be great to hear more about what type of garden beds you'd like to create. If you were to post some images of your inspiration, I trust our members will have plenty of advice.


You might like to start by reading through How to build a simple raised garden bedHow to build a raised garden bedHow to build a wicking garden bed and How to fill a raised garden bed. You can create garden beds with ease using sleepers and these Retain-It posts.


If you were still undecided about the style of garden bed you'd like to create, check out our Top 10 most popular raised garden beds.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Growing in Experience

Re: Making garden beds

hey @Neo19 thanks for the inputs! Happy new year 


attaching an image of the garden beds that I want to relocate. 


Dimensions are 4 ft (width) X 15 ft (length).


I want to relocate this bed (and maybe cut it in three parts somewhere in my backyard! IMG_20220111_164151.jpgIMG_20220111_164127.jpgIMG_20220111_164145.jpg

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Re: Making garden beds

hey @MitchellMc happy new year to you as well! I've posted some images and dimension in my reply

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Making garden beds

Hello @varununi


Thank you for posting photos of your garden. It's great that you've received excellent suggestions from @Neo19 and @MitchellMc. Just to add an extra option to your garden bed project. Have you thought about using Brighton Masonry 200 x 100 x 50mm Sand Mypave Paver? It's lightweight versatile and easy to form into different garden shapes. It makes for an ideal garden border as it is impervious to rot. It's a good option if you're keeping your garden at the same low level.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.





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