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Variegated Monstera?

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Variegated Monstera?

*EDIT* I said below that @ProjectPete  had a regular monstera - don't know what planet I was on, forgive the seniors moment -  he mentioned a Thai Star/Constellation or what have you. I believe these have a yellower spotty effect, however I could be wrong, as these are being mislabelled all over the place. Can I ask you Pete, what yours is like? Did you pay a small fortune for it?


Howdy folks! Has anyone seen, or know of anyone who has variegated Monstera?


ProjectPete mentioned that he has regular monstera and that kicked me up the butt to acquire one. Then I saw the white variegated ones and quickly succumbed to their charms. I wasn't thrilled with the yellow patch variegates, or the Thai Star yellow spotted.


Problem is, it's gone to a fad for the variegates, and I've seen prices from $150 for a slip, to $3000 for a not very large plant. It's like the tulip craze in the 1600's - I am not quite prepared to sell my husband in order to get a plant, though.


Does anyone know of a somewhat more reasonable source? 

If you have this plant, did you pay a small fortune for it? Always like to hear plant stories..

Who would not like this? But not $3000 worth of like...



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Re: Variegated Monstera?

Variegated Monstera are amazing. My wife had one which we paid $450 for one rooted leaf. She grew this and sold offcuts. You won't find them cheap anywhere.


Here's my Thai Constellation. I paid $300 for it when it was just one leaf through a friend of mine.




Here's one of my Monstera


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Re: Variegated Monstera?

we have it and its not cheap
lovely but :smile:
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Re: Variegated Monstera?

@TheSaltyreefer @ProjectPete ,

Thanks for the replies, guys...


Well, there goes that idea... I gots me way better things to spend $300 on, than that! I can afford it, but I'll just wait until the price drops - even if it's 30 years, or on my deathbed. I'm too tight, lol.


Hubby wanted to buy one for me, but I forbade... "over my dead body" was the exact term I used. I can spend that on tools!

Hope I get one, one day... Then I'll propagate and give it to all my friends - tell them it's a real expensive present, lol.


I get the initial plant breeder investment, however it seems a bit weird seeing as I've got very rare plants that cost waaaaay less than that! Like I said - I think it's like the tulip craze - or truffles... had me some truffle; nice but not $600 nice. Everyone was raving, and I was - meh!


Today is the second half of attaching our shade cloth to the metal pergola - I'll bury myself in work and try to forget her... 😭



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