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What native plants for front garden?

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What native plants for front garden?


Just looking for ideas for what native plants I could plant and use in front garden?

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Re: Native plants front garden

Depends what you want, local councils usually give residents a certain amount of free plants to collect from them each year :smile: 

Our front garden is being set up with native plants to house / feed / protect the abundance of small birds in our area, so we've opted for a diverse selection of plants that contain dense closely planted shrubs and vines for nesting / hiding & foraging. We also have a few spikey plants set up next to our bird baths for extra protection.

These are a few that we use and my parents have used: 

Acacia ulicifolia
Eremophila Summertime Blue
Kangaroo Paws
Myoporum parvifolium Creeping Boobialla


Hope this helps :smile: 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Native plants front garden

It's great to see that @Remarka6le has provided you with a list of options @WK71. I'm sure you'll find many of them suitable for your front garden.


If you can provide as much information as possible about what type of plantings you'd like to create, that would assist our members with offering great suggestions. Letting us know if you were you after colour, screening or low-lying varieties and how much space you have would help greatly.


A good tip is to go for a drive around your local areas and look for natives thriving in your climate that you like the look of. There are several plant-identifying apps that will allow you to determine what the plant actually is. Failing that, pop some pictures up here, and our experts should be able to identify them for you. 


I'm sure you'll find this article on How to plan a garden makeover useful. Also, check out our amazing range of natives in-store. Your local store will stock native trees and shrubs suitable for your location.


Please let us know if you have any questions.




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