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What type of timber for a garden bed?

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What type of timber for a garden bed?

Hi , I want to build garden bed but I don’t know what kind of wood or timber I should use . I looking for wood or timber that has chemical  free and last long in outdoor ?!!! What’s post should I use on edge of bed ???
please help !!!!!!


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Re: garden bed

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @yana. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


You might like to start by reading How to build a simple raised garden bed or for something a little more advanced How to build a raised garden bed by @Adam_W. Adam goes into detail about what materials to use and how to assemble the garden beds. I trust you'll find both articles very useful.


You'll need timber suitable for in-ground use which is typically H4 treated pine. It appears you are looking for an alternative to traditional CCA treated timber, the Micropro Sienna sleeper range would be a suitable option. There are limited options when it comes to posts with a non-CCA treatment. I would suggest you either use the Whites Retain-iT system or sleepers for the posts as well. Both of these methods are described in Adam's articles.


You might also be interested in viewing some of these fantastic projects-






Please let me know if you need further assistance or had any questions.




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Re: garden bed

Microshades are awesome, no need for any lining just screw them together and away you go, hardwood is fine also :smile: 
hardwood posts easy as, and or use gal brackets to keep them together


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Re: What type of timber for a garden bed?

Hi @yana
As has been said Microshades sleepers are excellent and considered 'safe'. That's what I use in al of our food garden beds here at home.
Hardwood, if you can find it untreated, is also excellent but harder to cut & lift etc. Be aware that a lot of hardwood is CCA treated so look carefully at product details. Some peopel will suggest recycled railway sleepers. I would advise against that. Apart from being crazy-hard to work with they can be heavily impregnated with all manner of industrial grade chemicals.


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