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Easy little project at my brother-in-law's place a couple of weeks ago. Took about 5 hours and cost less than $100. Really makes a difference. Th ...

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Possums are adorable when they are climbing trees and dashing across electrical wires. But it can be frustrating when they are munching on your home- ...

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So as some of my fellow workshoppers will know - I built my first home in 2016 and moved in early February this year. It's modest block of land wi ...

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Note from the Bunnings Workshop community manager: If you want to build this fantastic vertical garden, Mitch has created step-by-step instructions ...

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Hi everyone! I have been away for a long time, but have something I think is exciting to share with you all Last weekend I finally got all my bit ...

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Hi Guys Am planning a garden bed along the front of my front yard. It faces Nth East and is very sunny. I love port wine magnolias and am thinking ...

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Hi Garden Gurus, Some mystery holes recently appeared on my front lawn which I have never seen before and I'm stumped as to what has caused them... ...

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