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Any idea how much this change would cost?

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Any idea how much this change would cost?

I’m looking to do some work in my (incredibly dated!) kitchen; wondering if anyone would have a rough idea of cost for removing the brick housing around the oven and cutting a hole in the wall behind to add a breakfast bar (pics attached). I live in a ground floor apartment and don’t believe that wall to be load bearing though I obviously will confirm before doing any work. 


My first plan was to remove the walls and open it all up but that’s off the table now. The kitchen backs onto a large entryway that’s mostly unused so having some seating there isn’t a big deal. 


After a year of this incredibly cramped and really not ideal former-commission-housing space, I need a change! 

Kitchen would be gutted, with a rectangular hole cut behind the pantry. The door has already been removed. 


This is all solid af; assuming it’s brick as is the rest of the interior. 


Artist rendering of the view from the hall (aka my brother sketched this on his iPad)

F253BEDB-617C-447F-BB0D-C65C58C6F264.jpegScrappy sketch so you can see what I’m on about. 

Thank you in advance for any replies!

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Any idea how much this change would cost?

Hi @magen_,


Many thanks for sharing your project.


In regards to how much that work would cost to do, it really depends on what work is needed and if there are any electrical or plumbing items that need to be re-routed. I would suggest getting three quotes from different builders and the average of the three quotes will most likely be how much it should cost. If you are prepared to do the plastering and finishing work after the brick housing has been removed and the hole cut in the wall than that would save a considerable cost.


If you would like to take some measurement of the kitchen/meals area then one of our helpful members might be able to create a kitchen design for you.




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