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Flush dishwasher installation for Kaboodle cabinetry

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Flush dishwasher installation for Kaboodle cabinetry

When getting a design done, many will give you 2 end panels to fit each end of dishwasher which is fine for stand alone, but when in reality would you leave a space for a dishwasher. Removing the end panels and butting the appliance against cabinets removes that issue of kicking the panels that would stick out from kick panel. 


Build under dishwasher


Kaboodle kick panel

Cabinetry of your choosing

Screws to secure kickpanel

Wet area silicone


Drill for kick panel securing. 

Jigsaw for trimming kick panel. 

Screwdriver to secure dishy to to cabinets /benchtop. 

Holsaw to fit hoses through sink cab.

Level and tapemeasure to set dishwasher.



Step 1

Set your cabinetry with 605mm space for dishwasher location. 

Once your benctop is on and you've used holsaw to cut hole in base cabinet where sink is for hoses to run adjacent to dishwasher for connections, place and set height and level for dishwasher to benchtop underside height.  Note use level inside dishwasher base. 


Step 2

Measure and cut kickboard with saw or jigsaw to height required.

The check clearance for door to open as it will catch on kickboard.

Measures down for clearance which will usually be around 20mm and cut notch out of kick board, then fit attach board with screws through cab by measuring in. Bingo bango, your dishy looks swish and you toes will be in one piece. 


Step 3

Hot tip* once you've cut notch out of kickboard silicone wipe the exposed edge to waterproof it. 


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Flush dishwasher installation for Kaboodle cabinetry

What an ingenious solution, @Koopza. It certainly improves the kickboard's aesthetics. Without the side panels, it looks much more streamlined.


Well done, and many thanks for sharing.




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