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How to replace washer for diamond chrome kitchen tap

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How to replace washer for diamond chrome kitchen tap

Hi Everyone 


I have this diamond tap that has started dripping recently and need advice on how to replace the washer. Do i turn off the mains then unscrew this completely?


Not sure which washer replacement in particular is required? 



Thank you

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to replace washer for diamond chrome kitchen tap

Welcome to the Workshop community @NumeroUno. I can answer your question for you.


Try to ascertain which tap is leaking: the hot or cold. If you can't, it would be a good idea to replace both washers. If it is dripping water out the spout (which I suspect it is) that would be the tap valve washer. 


As with any plumbing concerning running water, turn off the mains completely before starting. Release the pressure by turning on the taps. 


Remove the circular tap button on the top of the handle with a small flat head screwdriver. By inserting the screwdriver, putting upwards pressure on it, the cap will pop off.


You will then be presented with a copper locking nut which holds the handle to the spindle. Remove this nut with a small spanner or pliers if necessary. After you have removed the handle, the cover flange and spring assembly will be loose, remove these also.


We are now left with the spindle, which if recessed you may require a Multi Fit Tap Spanner Set. If the nut is not recessed within the sink area, unscrew it with a spanner.


Now that the spindle is removed, replace the damaged thread tape on the spindle. Insert the new tap valve and replace all parts in the order you removed them.


If this doesn't stop the leak, it is likely that the seat needs re-grinding with a Tap Reseater Set. In most cases, the replacement of the tap valve will fix the drip.


I hope those instructions are clear for you to follow and fix your issue. If you have further questions or need assistance, please let me know.




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