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Kitchen renovation using Bunnings kitchen planner

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Kitchen renovation using Bunnings kitchen planner

Starting to do your own kitchen can be daunting and confusing for first time, the thing to remember is to take it step by step not as a whole project, although planning of steps is key. 


With bunnings planning is much easier and they will give you the $99 design fee back if you proceed.  






Kitchen software design



-Westinghouse induction 


-bosch dishwasher 

-Westinghouse oven



Tape measure / laser measure 


Step 1

Think of what suits you, like having a cutlery, plates etc in a drawer next to dishwasher to make easy loading when washed. 


Or having a decent space size for a contemporary fridge design.


If you are changing the floor, remove  this before you fit new cabinets and lay after you have fitted new cabinets. 



Step 2

Get a design completed that suits your space and finalise the cost, remembering any electrical and plumbing requirements, such as if you are adding a induction hob you will need a new cable run to suit the power draw. 




Step 3

Now you've got a plan, working out the steps can be simplified. 


Remove kitchen, using trades if needed makes things easier especially for first time installers. 


Cap gas and water connections 

Remove cabinets, alot of people use hammers and break cabinets, but depending on age, a screwdriver bit on drill is cleaner and easier to remove cabinets into bits, just keep a hammer to dismantle when needed. 



Step 4

Once you've got a clean slate, get your cabinets assembled, take your time and ensure legs are correctly positioned, a tip on tall oven units, to fit legs it's easier to assemble unit and lift onto some wood to elevate. Also the metal side strip's don't allow most ovens to fit so I'd leave them off. 


Step 5

Completing your design process is bench top and splash back type. 

Bench tops can be tricky lining up and cutting so getting a local trade to do your top will make life alot easier and sometimes cheaper overall. 




Step 6

Good design will make sure your kitchen becomes a welcoming space that is the ultimate in function, good appliances makes all the difference, such as added benifits like hob to hood range hoods that operate automatically and dishwashers with top cutlery racks or overs with built in air fryers.  The right type of bin also adds functionality and quite often a good price can be found online. 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: kitchen design and layout

Hello @Koopza 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Its sensational to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your kitchen renovation project.


What a beautiful revamp and excellent use of available space. Your pantry, oven tower, and fridge set makes maximum use of the space in that wall. The addition of wall cabinets near the cooktop is very practical. I think your decision in removing the turn in the island has really opened up the kitchen making it visually roomier.


Thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Getting Established

Re: kitchen design and layout

Appreciate the kind words Eric, it's always a test doing Reno's. The bunnings designer did a good job also we just tweeked a few ideas and cabinets. God bless

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Re: Kitchen renovation using Bunnings kitchen planner

A well designed and installed kitchen

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