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Remodeling the granny flat kitchen

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Remodeling the granny flat kitchen

Hello Everyone,


A client came to the store with a kitchen from the 50's. Their original kitchen was standard for that time but would not work with today's cabinetry and bench tops. After a long and drawn out discussion we finally agreed on the final layout and there were some compromises in the design that you will see. They wanted the oven tower and at least a pantry with the proper depth as the original was very wide but was shallow. I did ask what if we moved the pantry/oven tower/fridge to another wall but they said that it would be distracting and not visually appealing to the layout of the house. Hence what you will see below is the agreed upon layout. If you have any questions please post and I will try to answer as best as I can. 






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Re: Remodeling the granny flat kitchen

Good one @redracer01. I'm sure they were rapt with your designs in the end. Renovation work is always full of compromises! Thanks for sharing. 




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