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Where can I find these storage shelves?


Where can I find these storage shelves?



Hi, Ive had this shelving for a while and now want another one on the door of my pantry. But I cant find the name of the product, The brace is 2000mm long, up the height of the door and the baskets are 135 x 430 mm and 105 x 430 mm.

Is there a way to find out the correct name of these items, please? Thanks so much.

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Re: This brace and storage baskets.

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @JoWeedon. It's wonderful that you've joined us, and many thanks for your question about storage baskets.


I've had an extensive look through our in-store and off-range products, and I can't locate a shelf identical to those you are using. The closest Double slot wall rail is the Flexi Storage 2133mm White Double Slot Wall Strip. If the 2133mm is too long, it could be cut down to size. We then have the Flexi Storage 134 x 435 x 140mm White Large Deep Shelving Basket, which is compatible with that wall strip. 


Another option might be to consider the Practa Solutions White Adjustable Spice Rack


Let me mention @redracer01 to see he's come across anything closer to what you are after.




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Re: This brace and storage baskets.

Hello @JoWeedon 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop. I actually saw one of @MitchellMc 's suggestions in the workshop topics about this particular project back in July of last year. How to build a tall hang over the door storage rack for pantry It actually came out very close to what you were looking for. But instead of hanging it on the pantry door you can cut it down to fit the height of your pantry door and screw the rail directly on to the door and then hang the baskets on. If you read the discussion the assembly was not too complicated and the tools needed were basic. The only difference in the discussion was the size of the basket as it refers to s narrower basket. Mitchell's suggestion should work with the suggested basket size. However there was a very clear condition when our workshop member was building this and that he had a gap of 14cm from door to edge of shelf. It may be a bit more tricky if we have to fit the baskets in to a narrow pantry and avoid the shelves at the same time. Can you please tell us if you have a gap in your pantry or are you installing it to miss the shelves? Perhaps we can make other suggestions that might help? If you have any other questions please post it here on workshop.




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