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Adding shelves and doors to wardrobes

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Adding shelves and doors to wardrobes

Hey Everyone 😊,
Hope everyone is doing great.
We recently moved to our own house and trying to do some improvements. 
We are thinking of adding more storage and doors to wardrobe in our bedroom. Can you please suggest some ideas for both the sides. I checked some really great ideas in other posts but not sure how those will fit on top section of the wardrobe.


front viewfront viewside viewside view 

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Re: Adding shelves and doors to wardrobes

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Kawaljit. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your questions.


Did you want to install the doors at the entrances to the walk-in wardrobe? Or, did you want them to cover the clothes inside the wardrobe?


Were you looking for storage to place folded clothes and socks? Perhaps you wanted to fit additional shelving above the current shelf?


I think the space would benefit from having a couple of Flexi Storage White 3 Shelf 4 Drawer Built In Wardrobe Units installed as they would give you drawers to hide folded clothes in. You might also like to install some additional shelves up above. This will be very easy to achieve with Flexi Storage 1206mm White Double Slot Wall StripsFlexi Storage 470mm White Double Slot Brackets and a Flexi Storage 1200 x 400 x 16mm White Timber Shelfs.


I believe you need to address that there is no place to put folded clothes, socks and anything that doesn't hang. It looks like you are not utilising all the hanging space so I would sacrifice some of it for drawers.


You might like to take a look at these previous discussions:






There are a few fantastic D.I.Y articles which you could find beneficial:







Please let us know what you think about the idea of adding drawers. Once we work out what you would like incorporated into the wardrobe, I can then mention some members that will be able to assist with solutions.




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Re: Adding shelves and doors to wardrobes

Hey @MitchellMc , thanks for the quick reply. 
Yes, we want them to cover the clothes inside the wardrobe (and not install doors at the entrance) and make it more usable so that we can keep folded clothes etc. 

1. The big area wardrobe at the left will have mirror sliding doors. And inside this wardrobe we can get rid of half the hanging space and add storage boxes/shelves. And also add some shelves under that hanging space.
There is some tricky bit at top left corner of this wardrobe because there is some instrument, LAN wiring and switch board for security system (Thats how previous owner kept it). We want to keep that open and we will keep small monitor. I am not sure what will be the height of sliding doors and how they will fit in. Kindly suggest

2. The small area (front view in image 1) can have double doors (with simple key lock) with some storage boxes etc. We can keep the hanging space at top and add more storage at bottom.

I have tried creating rough idea on page. Please have a look at the image attached with this reply. 


@MitchellMc Can you please mention someone who can guide me how can i get this done. We might have to hire someone to complete this task.

Thank you for taking the time and effort 😊.




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Adding shelves and doors to wardrobes

Hi @Kawaljit,


It's great to see you have put a plan together and it looks fantastic.


In order to install sliding doors and double lockable doors, you'll need to install timber framework. As doors are generally only two meters tall, a door frame and header will be needed above the doors. You should find this step-by-step tutorial helpful: How to install a sliding wardrobe door. The products used in the tutorial are Multistore 2010 x 610mm White Melamine Ultra Glide Wardrobe Sliding Door and Multistore 2400mm Wardrobe Sliding Door Triple Track.


Were you going to be framing in these doors yourself?


By partitioning off these open wardrobes, with walls to incorporate the doors, you are effectively reducing the accessibility of the area above head height inside them. In order to have access to the LAN equipment and storage area, you might need to install full-height doors. Something to consider as you'll still need access to the area.


Have you decided what range of storage cabinets you'll go with? We've got a great range of wardrobe storage solutions to choose from.


We look forward to seeing you commence your project and please let us know if you need further assistance.




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