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removing archway dividing wall possible load bearing support

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removing archway dividing wall possible load bearing support


^^ this is where the rafters meet. 










i want to remove these vertical timber peices but my dad believes this may still be a load bearing support due too the facts that this is where rafters are connected too. And that this wall  originally was the external part of the house and an extention of the dining room was later added. 

I would like some help to find out if we need to add a load bearing beam if we remove the rest of the wall or is it possible that when the extention was built, the load support was added elsewhere and this part of the wall wouldn't be supporting anything anymore(if in fact it was originally). 

Also, where it highlights suspected load bearing, the framework that is there has us stumped on what its purpose was .. eg. Window frame or something put in place as part of the two way oil heater that was added when the extention was added... 

Plz help me. It's starting to become confusing and frustrating and has stopped any production from moving forward.


Additional property info: house was built between 1950-1960. Mernda, Vic. Weatherboard.  

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Re: removing archway dividing wall possible load bearing support

Hi @netta1990,


It sounds like a fairly unique situation you are dealing with there. Not only are you trying to determine if a wall is load-bearing, but you have had previous extension work done in the area complicating issues. You might like to have a read through these previous discussions: Remove load bearing wall without permit by @diybob and How to tell if a beam is load bearing by @EarlAJ. Within the discussions, our members go over some issues with advising if a wall is structural or not.


I'm not sure if someone could answer your question confidently from the photos you have provided. I believe a builder or engineer would need to have a look at the plans and potentially enter the roof cavity to inspect any additional work that was carried out during the extension. 


One of our knowledgable members like @ProjectPete might be able to give their advice on whether it "looks" load-bearing. To be 100% sure you really need to employ someone to inspect the roof structure.


Here's a step-by-step D.I.Y article on How to remove a stud wall which you could find helpful in the project. I note in the first step they recommend checking with a structural engineer before removing any stud wall.


Please let us know if you need further assistance or had any questions.





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Re: removing archway dividing wall possible load bearing support

Whether it "looks" load bearing or not, you really should have an engineer assess/approve the works @netta1990. It's just not worth the risk.


Also, come sale time, a lack go engineer certification can be quite the set back.

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