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Advice for raising bed frame


Advice for raising bed frame

Hi there!
Really looking for some advice as I moved places recently and inherited this low bed (ikea malm- see picture), that only has ~5cm room off the floor and require it to be raised as i need the storage space/on a budget. I would use dedicated bed risers instead but the frame doesnt have 4 posts- it is 2 long posts at the head and foot of the bed if that makes sense (see pic below), so from what ive read wouldnt be very structurally secure as it should have the weight distributed across the whole length rather than 4 legs and also i can only find bed risers of like ~10cm and i'd like it to be raised more like 20cm. I found this blog that did a similar thing ( but am not sure what kind of wood to use, what size etc, tried to ask the local bunnings timber advice and DIY hotline but didnt really get much help, so am asking here. 


Dimensions of queen bed: 1.69m across (head and foot)

Width of the head and foot (5cm)


Would this work? Buying any of these items and getting it cut to 1.69m and having the bed on top and maybe securing with brackets? Like is there any reason i couldnt just use a sleeper? Not really fussed about aesthetics as it is not very visible etc


bed frame.jpg

Any advice would be much appreciated, thankyou!!!!!!!!


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Re: Advice for raising bed frame

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @kennyw8. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


I'd recommend using an untreated pine similar to 190 x 45mm MGP10 Untreated Pine Timber Framing. The pine you have mentioned is treated with CCA and contains chemicals which I wouldn't recommend being used indoors in a bedroom. 


I would advise using larger brackets than those used in the article you have linked to as you are raising your bed higher and with a thinner piece of timber. Something like Carinya 190 x 40 x 3.5mm Zinc Plated Mending Plate should be sufficient. 


You might still be able to use vertical posts as I don't believe you need the weight distributed evenly across the whole width of the bed head or footer. If the posts are secured adequately to the frame the weight will be transferred down through the posts.


Let me mention a few helpful members @Stuardo@woodenwookie@r23on@Poppop to see if they could provide their advice.




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Re: Advice for raising bed frame

Hi kennyw8

Totally agree with Mitchell. Fyi the long foot and head are just for show. The 2 side rails and a centre rail are what actually take all the weight and you will find they are only attached to the foot and head with dowell and a couple of screw pins. So if you support the sides at each end and centre beam it will work. If you look under thefoot and head you will most likely find 3 small slides to protect the floor which are actually taking all the weight. If you google ikea assemby you will see what I mean. JDE

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Re: Advice for raising bed frame

If the bed head and foot are solid timber you could purchase some 20cm furniture legs and secure them to the bottom edge with threaded inserts for wood. You could use 3 or 4 at each end if you're concerned

about load bearing.

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