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Can I use oil or wax after filling a gap in timber?

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Can I use oil or wax after filling a gap in timber?

I’m hoping someone can help me. I have found a beautiful antique cedar dining table for very cheap but want to check something before I purchase it.
It is overall in great condition except for a long fine crack across the top that follows the grain. I’ve been researching filling the gap but everything mentions finishing with varnish or paint. I want a table finished with wax or oil. I know most people prefer varnish because it is hard wearing but my home is filled with timber furniture finished with wax or oil and I love the character as it ages and shows wear. My question is, can I fill a crack and then apply wax or oil, or will this not work?

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Can I use oil or wax after filling a gap in timber)

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @dearfrenchy. Many thanks for your question, I'd be happy to answer it.


It's great to have you join us and fantastic to hear about your project. The perfect product to use for this application would be Timbermate wood filler. It is suitable for filling timber prior to applying wax or oil. It comes in 14 pre-mixed colours, but can be mixed with any stain or colourant to achieve the desired colour.


We look forward to hearing about you starting your project and encourage you to share it with the community as you do so.


Please let me know if you require further assistance or had any questions.




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