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Covering a multitude of sins

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Covering a multitude of sins

Here's a story for you. Back in 1998, I was laid off from a company I was working for. It was an IT company. Back then, IT was in its infancy and not seen as a necessary evil that it is today. As someone who hates not working, I managed to pick up a job with one of my friend's dad who was a builder. He needed a hand to build the bottom floor framing. Once that was complete he had no work for me.


Once I was back on the job market I went to Work and Income to apply for a job and that day I was snapped up by a local plasterer. I had worked for him for 9 months and in that time I never learned how to plaster. Crazy huh? It seems all he wanted was a dog's body to mix bowls and sand walls.


As odd a situation as that was it meant that come time to patch holes in walls from a slight redesign in the Dining Room I felt a little out of my depth. A quick trip down to Mitre10 saw me get the information I needed. I bought a product called Patch Filla which is basically a pre-mixed plaster. It worked really well and I'm happy with the results. It doesn't seem to have shrunk which is a nice bonus.

I applied the mixture with a set of flexible metal scrapers which gave a nice fill and smooth application.
























I'm under no delusions that this is a good job. In one part I need to do one more layer to tidy up some divets that cropped up. Other than that, considering it's a novice effort it looks pretty good, at least compared to what it was.


Once this is complete we can give it one more quick sand then paint the room. We'll be using the same colour as in the lounge.

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Re: Covering a multitude of sins



Isn't it "Sanding and paint makes me the plasterer I ain't", or maybe that's an old welding phrase? Either way, plaster is the medium we build a surface with, but the art form is in the sanding, and it sounds like you have that covered.


You might like to prime that plaster first before painting with something like Taubmans 3 In 1 Interior And Exterior Primer Undercoat Sealer. Occasionally you can spot the difference in the repaired section through the paint as it absorbs into the plaster at a different rate.


Many thanks for sharing.




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Re: Covering a multitude of sins

That's the next post. Basically, we've applied two layers of primer and are about to do the top coat.

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Re: Covering a multitude of sins

"Here's a story for you"


And it's a good one, thanks for sharing!  👍

A plasterer I will never be - all I aim for is that the finished area "looks clean and fresh" once painted - looks to me you're achieving that.

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