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D.I.Y. headphone stand

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D.I.Y. headphone stand

After destroying yet another expensive gaming headset, by rolling over the wires with the computer chair. I thought it was time to make a stand for the new ones, so they can be stored out of the way when not in use.


I found a suitable template that I liked and printed it out in Microsoft office. I used scrap wood which was the apron for my wine barrel table that did not work out the first time. The template was put on top and the outline was traced.

12.jpgThe headsets we have at home are fairly heavy, so I needed a chunky stand. Using a jigsaw I cut out two of the shapes which would be glued together to make up my thickness.Headphone Stand  10.jpg


I am not very accurate with a jigsaw and my projects tend to cut at a slant. To resolve this issue I cut slightly outside the lines which would be sanded with a bench sander.  Using the benchtop sander the excess was sanded away using the template line as a guide.Headphone Stand  9.jpg

The centre was marked out and using a hole saw attached to a drill the middle was cut out. Headphone Stand  8.jpg


To get a nice clean edge only saw half way through then turned over your project and drill out the hole completely from the other side. This will prevent the wood from blowing out and gives a nicer finish.


Headphone Stand  7.jpg

The inside was smoothed out using a sanding wheel attached to a drill.Headphone Stand 5.jpg

A router was used to remove the inside edge of the hole and the sides for a better cosmetic look. The stand was then sanded down using an orbital sander and stained using dark mahogany stain. And finally, 3 coats of gloss varnish was used to seal in the colour.led light headset stand.JPG

I have since made another headphone stand for my husband with LED flashing lights.


I hope you enjoyed my project.


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Re: D.I.Y. headphone stand

Thanks for sharing with step by step procedure!
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Re: D.I.Y. headphone stand

Thanks for the positive feedback @lobyli. I'm sure Anita really appreciates it. 


Great to have you as one of our latest community members. We are looking forward to seeing your own projects and plans. Please feel free to post whenever you need a hand or have something to share. Perhaps you will build something like this headphone stand of your own?


Thanks again,




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Re: D.I.Y. headphone stand

I like this. Very inspiring, so thank you for sharing all the details. I can see some headphone stands coming up!

I use Bluetooth headphones mostly for music,  which avoids the cord problem, but they still tend to get in the way laying around amongst the stuff on the desk. The stand will give them a longer life and will look better too.

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