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Frames for displaying jigsaw puzzles

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Frames for displaying jigsaw puzzles

Have several completed jigsaws that I wish to frame  i hope to make frames for these but have found very little information on ways to make them, have seen a few youtube videos but all require an expensive outlay for tooling,made enquirers at local bunnings but not very much forthcoming,would appreciate any help on offer regarding ways to go


Re: frames for jigsaws

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Congratulations on completing your jigsaw puzzles. I've found a video with steps on how to make a D.I.Y. picture frame here. As you've indicated, there is an outlay for the materials to complete the project. Depending on the finished size of your puzzles, could they fit into a ready made frame? Could you share the measurements? @MitchellMc might have some budget-friendly advice for you. I have seen finished jigsaws glued onto a backing board without a frame which is a very minimal way to display them. I'm sure our clever and creative community members will have some suggestions for you too.




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Re: Frames for displaying jigsaw puzzles

Hi @douglas82,


To get started you would need a Craftright Mitre Box And Saw Set and a Craftright 8oz/ 226g Steel Claw Hammer.


As @JaneK has mentioned, you can mount your puzzles easily by gluing them to a sheet of MDF board. I'd suggest using 6mm board as it will provide some rigidity. If you measure your puzzle's overall size and take those measurements to your closest Bunnings store, they can cut the board down for you. An appropriate glue to stick the pieces down would be PVA wood glue.       


If you wanted to get fancy with it, you could start using picture frame borders around the outside and also using clear acrylic sheeting for the front. This will certainly give your puzzle frames a professional and finished appearance. The picture frame corners can be cut at 45-degree mitres using the previously mentioned mitre saw. The corners then get glued in place with the PVA glue and stabilised with corner reinforcement plates.  


Since you have several puzzles to frame you might like to invest in a compound mitre saw. Even the budget-friendly options such as the Ozito 210mm 1600W 8¼" Compound Mitre Saw would make life much easier for you and give superior results.


Please let me know if you need further assistance or have questions.




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