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DIY upcycled study makeover

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DIY upcycled study makeover

Working from home is now the reality for many of us - including me. While it has it's pluses and minuses, it gets a lot better when you have a designated office space that you love. We are DIY renovating my partners family home. This room was previously filled to the ceiling with "stuff", the walls were covered in wall paper, and it was unusable. One of those rooms where the door is shut and you try not to ever open it. When I moved in, I needed a space to work. We decided this would be my space. While I have to admit, I wasn't super excited at first - I could not see the vision - I now love it and am so happy with how it turned out. The room now functions as a study and closet storage. Everything in the room was free from friends or kerbside collection over the years or upcycled from facebook marketplace. One of the biggest changes was removing the carpet (unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it before - but it was carpet squares in a very strange colour of green) and a few coats of white paint on the walls. I love the old school light fixture we found under the house, the large rug from FB marketplace, and of course the plants and artwork that give it a welcoming and jungly vibe. Not pictured is the small closet organiser along the wall as this house lacks storage!



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Retired Team Member

Re: DIY upcycled study makeover

Hi @cdkuempel,


You have done very well using what you had to create such a stunning office/storage area.  You may even find your project in our Top 10 office project ideas article one day! You are very lucky you had such gorgeous hardwood floors underneath the carpet tiles, did you need to restore them at all? I am in love with your lighting pendant as well, such a great find under the house. Did you build your closet organiser as well? We would love to see photos and information on how you built it. Many of our members find inspiration from others' projects and want to try them out themselves. 


Looking forward to seeing your next project. Please let me know if you ever need assistance. 




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Re: DIY upcycled study makeover

🙌 love it

Re: DIY upcycled study makeover

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @evankgsmith. It's amazing to have you join us and great to see this fabulous project has inspired you.

Do you have a similar room in need of a make-over? I trust @cdkuempel and our other helpful members will have plenty of great suggestions and be more than happy to assist.


I'll be looking forward to reading about the projects and plans you have around the home and garden. Please remember to reach out whenever you need assistance or have something to share.




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