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Hearth compliance

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Hearth compliance

I have a wood burner that sits on a wood board floor with a tile hearth built around it. I have been advised that this is non compliant.

The hearth is an odd shape/size as the burner sits askew in the corner. It's been suggested to me that I cut a piece of fibre cement to existing hearth template and place under the whole lot.
What board should I use and what thickness should it be?
Is it easy to cut cement board?
Also, if I butt 2 pieces together do I need to seal the join?


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Re: Hearth compliance

Hi @Darren12,


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Let me tag a couple of experienced members in @Brad and @ProjectPete to see if they might like to kick off this discussion for you and share how they might tackle the project. 






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Re: Hearth compliance

While I think the fire box has some distance to the floor and not looking up compliance codes for now, I do see a problem with the tiles that may be from putting them directly on floorboards which can move with the changes in humidity.


Disclaimer: My Grandfather was a tiler who also taught my Father and Uncle how to be tilers ( neither stayed in that trade ) I know some of the basic concepts but I would avoid things like modern showers unless I did a lot of research first. Given what I do know I would use a product like the ceramic tile underlay to avoid the movement of the boards cracking the grout in the tiles and it would be best put in as one piece, I can see why you may want to use two pieces and if going down that path don't join where there is also a join in the tiles and I would put some filler in the join if I had to do a two piece install. My inner welder says nail the sheet to the floor but I can see that having it floating may stop the cracks, may be a good time to read the instructions before deciding.

Hope that helps some.

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